Me Rapping in Portuguese! (Who wants to learn a language?)

I have said numerous times that I have been learning the Portuguese language for about a year in a half.  The best way to get started for me was to use Duolingo.  After I got a little comfortable with the structure of the language, I started to Skype with my very attractive Brazilian portuguese professora.  That was amazing, but with limited internet access I couldn’t do that all the time. For me listening to Brazilian hip hop and learning the lyrics and performing them was also a good way to learn how people really speak the language on the ground level, slang and all.  With Brazilian Portuguese, learning the slang (Girias) is like learning an extra language, actually several extra languages as each region has it’s different slangs.

Racionais MC’s are from São Paulo, and are often looked at as the “Public enemy” or “NWA” of Brazil, if you will.  They speak on social issues that effect the more marginalized individuals of Brazilian society in -The Ghetto- or – A periferia- as it is often called in Brazil.  “Negro Drama” is their most popular songs, and arguably one of the most popular hip hop songs in a country who has a black population surpassed by only the African Nation of Nigeria.  Because they rap rather slow it was very easy for me to pick up on this song early.  Although, I must say I made some mistakes here and slurred some words… you get the gist.  I will continue to upload covers of popular Brazilian hip hop songs, as well as original songs in Portuguese and Spanish.  Check the video below of me singing Negro Drama:


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