My Beautiful Brazilian Portuguese Teacher Also Dances “Egyptian Style Belly Dance”!!!!


So many of you guys know that I am learning Portuguese.  If you have been following for a while, you know that I utilize the services of the very beautiful and SUPPPeR effective Eliane Chalmeres of Viamão, Brazil -she’s the one on the far left-.  One thing I bet you didn’t know about this lovely woman is that she is part of a Belly Dancing crew out of Porto Alegre, Brazil and they are simply Amazing!!! 

This is Egyptian style Belly Dance style, and this crew met each other in Bellydance class with instructor Alessandra Forte.  They decided to form the group and put on events to show this area of Brazil the beauty of this peculiar style of dance.  For me, a person that loves cultural observation…to sit here and watch these Brazilian women dancing in an Egyptian style is absolutely breathtaking!! not to mention they are all very easy on the eyes.


More background on the Lovely Eliane Chalmeres.  She is a teacher with three years of experience in esl.  But lately she has been teaching Portuguese to foreigners -Mostly Americans, like me- via  She teaches from Beginning level to advanced and even has a new class called “Português Superior”-which I am no where near ready for. It’s addressed to advanced students who want to improve their fluency talking about more complex themes.

If you by any chance want to meet this stunning woman and talk about possibly taking one of her classes-or perhaps to tell her how beautiful you think she is, or how well you think she dances- simply click this link!!! —–> Meet Eliane Chalmares



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