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Me Rapping in Portuguese! (Who wants to learn a language?)

I have said numerous times that I have been learning the Portuguese language for about a year in a half.  The best way to get started for me was to use Duolingo.  After I got a little comfortable with the structure of the language, I started to Skype with my very attractive Brazilian portuguese professora.  That was amazing, but with limited internet access I couldn’t do that all the time. For me listening to Brazilian hip hop and learning the lyrics and performing them was also a good way to learn how people really speak the language on the ground level, slang and all.  With Brazilian Portuguese, learning the slang (Girias) is like learning an extra language, actually several extra languages as each region has it’s different slangs.

Racionais MC’s are from São Paulo, and are often looked at as the “Public enemy” or “NWA” of Brazil, if you will.  They speak on social issues that effect the more marginalized individuals of Brazilian society in -The Ghetto- or – A periferia- as it is often called in Brazil.  “Negro Drama” is their most popular songs, and arguably one of the most popular hip hop songs in a country who has a black population surpassed by only the African Nation of Nigeria.  Because they rap rather slow it was very easy for me to pick up on this song early.  Although, I must say I made some mistakes here and slurred some words… you get the gist.  I will continue to upload covers of popular Brazilian hip hop songs, as well as original songs in Portuguese and Spanish.  Check the video below of me singing Negro Drama:


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Learning a New Language eh, Have you tried Italki?

To know me is to know that there are certain things that I am into. I like animals, I like to study them and sometimes catch and release. I love the beauty and sensuality of a woman’s foot. I also enjoy traveling to different places around the globe when given the opportunity. Even when I can’t travel, I travel mentally by studying places and learning languages. I LOVE to learn languages. Most people know that I have been learning Portuguese. I mentioned in a previous post that I often learn from using, watching interesting Brazilian movies, and listening to the music. With the music I usually grab the lyrics and read along with the song-highlighting every word that I don’t understand. Then I come back and learn the words and re-sing the song with clarity and understanding. Of course skyping with beautiful women doesn’t hurt, and once again, I have mentioned the beautiful Eliane Chalmeres before, as she has helped me so much with maneuvering this language. Up until about 2 months ago she seemed like my special secret. The one I went to on Skype almost nightly to converse in a new language, and her knowing great English and Spanish made it way easier when I got lost. Well now my dear friend Eliane decided that she wanted to expand her services. I must admit, at first human emotion came into play, and I was a little jealous. Now that she is on italki she has all these followers and different individuals from around the States and Europe now write with her and Skype with her. She has been expanding so fast because she is a great teacher that truly loves what she does, and it shows. Now that I have reached the point in my maturity that I can actually help her to expand even further with her lessons, as it is all about building a support network where we can all lean on each other. Who says that I have to keep hogging her to myself, she has wings and needs to fly. Click here to learn Portuguese with Eliane

Also, my interest with italki may be to learn Portuguese, but there are also many other languages and individual teachers on there. It works as a language learning social network site where you can follow people and be followed. The end result is finding the right teacher and organizing Skype sessions.

Go to and check it out!

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