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Afro Latino Festival of New York 2015

IT’S BACK!!!! this is the third year of the Afro Latino Festival, and I must say that this year it is bigger and better than ever!  You know Negros Americanos will be performing, but they are bringing some real heavy hitters out there. For example one of my favorite artists Kafu Banton– along with Les Nubians and Cultura Profetica! If you don’t know these guys, click the links on their name to get a sample.  It’s going to be great!! Did you catch the Negros Americanos cameo in the trailer video?

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Me Rapping in Portuguese! (Who wants to learn a language?)

I have said numerous times that I have been learning the Portuguese language for about a year in a half.  The best way to get started for me was to use Duolingo.  After I got a little comfortable with the structure of the language, I started to Skype with my very attractive Brazilian portuguese professora.  That was amazing, but with limited internet access I couldn’t do that all the time. For me listening to Brazilian hip hop and learning the lyrics and performing them was also a good way to learn how people really speak the language on the ground level, slang and all.  With Brazilian Portuguese, learning the slang (Girias) is like learning an extra language, actually several extra languages as each region has it’s different slangs.

Racionais MC’s are from São Paulo, and are often looked at as the “Public enemy” or “NWA” of Brazil, if you will.  They speak on social issues that effect the more marginalized individuals of Brazilian society in -The Ghetto- or – A periferia- as it is often called in Brazil.  “Negro Drama” is their most popular songs, and arguably one of the most popular hip hop songs in a country who has a black population surpassed by only the African Nation of Nigeria.  Because they rap rather slow it was very easy for me to pick up on this song early.  Although, I must say I made some mistakes here and slurred some words… you get the gist.  I will continue to upload covers of popular Brazilian hip hop songs, as well as original songs in Portuguese and Spanish.  Check the video below of me singing Negro Drama:


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Lost In The Wilderness (Soundtrack)


The Soundtrack will be released on your bandcamps, soundclouds and youtubes and all those good ole musical sharing avenues.  The track listing will include all songs used in the upcoming documentary (Lost In The Wilderness).  A list of songs, some -like Peaceful, C.h.u.c.h.a, The flight back, and The Field  of which have already been released on other projects. but help tell the story of Negros Americanos.  The Soundtrack, however is majority new songs that the world has never heard, including snippets from the upcoming album “Take Flight”.  I can also tell you that the song cornbread will  be on the soundtrack along with another song from the same band Le Gamut.  

Check the link below to see the trailer for the (L.I.T.W) soundtrack sung by the beautiful and talented Fallon Chalvire (euphrates).  This will also be the intro record, you will enjoy-

The first single from the Lost In The Wilderness (Soundtrack) -Can you ride it- has been out since the 4th of May.  It features the voice of the lovely Alexis Monteith, and was filmed on a secret location.  The first three people to guess the location get a free black and white Negros Americanos t-shirt!!!! Leave your guess in the comment box here!

can you

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Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos! Vol 2.

We couldn’t exist without you!!!!!  “Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos”, Vol. 2 – and once again I don’t want anyone feeling left out if their picture wasn’t uploaded here, there will be plenty more as long as you lovely individuals continue to support and post pictures, Love you guys!! ALSO If you want to know where to purchase the shirts….Click this link right here SUPPORT US 🙂.

1estrelamora 2alexrocha4 emoway 5 emoway 6 dvys 7 Dom 8 Cypress 9 eryka 10 estrela 11 negrosamericanos 12 Kalani  14 Katrin 15  Cartagena pix 16 Vicki 18  cartagena club 19 Naret 20 taryn 21 hermano 22 alex rocha 23 Boshia 24 Doble Jota 25 Abedamy friend

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Legendary Cyphers… Union Square NYC

Are you guys familiar with some of the lovely and -Free- Culture that takes place right in New York City.  At Union Square on any given friday night you can catch established emcees right next to first timers, all waiting for a turn to display their talent amongst other artists and a captive audience….This is what is known as the“Cypher”.  And this Cypher, is quite supercharger! Hence the name Legendary!  But you will have to wait until the weather gets warm again to appreciate it.  I mean you wouldnt want to be out there freezing your fanny off in the cold would you??? So give it some time and then come out and enjoy this weekly cultural activity!!!!

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Monkey Island: experience the wildlife of Panama

If you are anything like me then you have a love for primates.  You marvel at their intelligence and ability to use opposable thumbs and problem solve.  There aren’t any places in the states where you can actually enter the natural habitat of wild monkeys and interact with them.  The Capuchin monkeys are extremely social creatures.  This is the species that was used in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean for that reason, and the monkey that you will interact with most if you decide on this experience.

monkey-island1 monkey_island 13.-Monkey-Island

You have two options in getting to Monkey Island.  One is to go the traditional route, which is with Monkey Island Tours, it will run you 110 dollars but it is the easiest and most straight forward way. Click the link and set up a tour!  I cringe at most things that seem too organized and touristy -Not that there is anything wrong with that-.  So naturally we went another route.  We were told by a co-worker at our english teaching job in Panama, that there lived a very mysterious and astute military man named Nelson.  Nelson is a Black Panamanian, a Vietnam vet that has returned to his homeland to live out the rest of his days.  He has amassed a fleet of fishing boats and rents out some of them.  His operation is based on the Gatun Lake, and to get there is a bit tricky.  You have to Go to the Albrook Mall Terminal.  From there take a bus to Gamboa, once you get one stop from Gamboa-BEFORE THBRIDGE! get off of the bus.  (This is the way directions are given in Panama lol). Also, on  the bus ride you will see the Summit Zoo, which has a collection of jungle animals rescued within Panama and a botanical garden- also a very fun day trip.  Once you get to the Dock you will most likely not find the illusive one they call Nelson, but a couple fishermen and his small motorized boats.  They will probably be missing teeth (the fishermen that is) and will be obliged to take you to the island for about twenty five dollars per person.   Now…. you will be on a boat with a complete stranger for a few hours in a place where if you disappeared no one would find you.  Nonetheless you will have a great time and kick it with fun monkeys.  Isn’t that nice?

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Purple Twilight-New Video!!

bosh-enig Bosh-enigm

The 2 Pictures above were drawn by a brotha named Gilbert Igabe from Kenya and Uganda

So Wednesday, the birthday Party for mc enigma was great!.. It was fun to see people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  Some individuals that we went to high school with made an appearance in the venue.  The music was lovely, as to be expected when the sultry sounds were provided by the talented Ari Why.  Remember I talked about him in the While I was in Maine post.  We also performed a couple songs in there , and took advantage of the gathering to premier mc enigma’s new video Purple Twilight.  For those of you that couldn’t make it to the event, I am sharing the video right here on the blog, along with pictures from the night…BLeSS my beautiful people!

20141016_004756 glo-lyle silent-knightshow 20141016_003739 20141015_225128 glo-real 20141016_010632 20141015_233914 20141015_233751 20141016_003408 20141016_002502

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Negros Americanos Rock the Old Bay!!!!

so last friday we rocked a show in cohorts with the Lyrical Graffiti… NJ’s longest running hip hop showcase. We bought out some of our people and did rocked a half hour set with songs from our upcoming album; Take Flight. We will upload several songs from this performance and more. I shall call it…Negros Americanos-Live at Old Bay series.

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Locked Up Abroad : Panama (walking while black) w/ mc enigma

written by

mc enigma of Negros Americanos

Shit was everywhere.

I hadn’t understood the saying, “this tastes like shit,” until I’d inhaled a deep breath of hot air filled with excrement and urine vapor in my 8ft x 8ft cell that I shared with 6 other men at the police station in Juan Diaz.  I hadn’t done anything wrong or committed any offense, but I was locked up abroad.

Bishop and I were kicking it with our newfound family in the barrio Concepcion in Juan Diaz in Panama City, Panama.  The night before, there was a comparsa (a neighborhood parade where everyone is dancing outside and people have instruments, clink pans and pots, and sometimes men dress up as mystical creatures with dresses).  Bishop was living in Caledonia with his woman at the time who practiced Santeria, and I was living on Calle 16 en Ciudad Radial.  Everyone was out, even Caballo Loco, an old man and known character in the neighborhood who was notorious for dressing up like a woman and dancing on people when inebriated in the comparsa.

It was close to midnight when the police came.  The comparsa died and people dispersed.  Bishop had left a little before, returning to his cougar in Caledonia and just as I was about to head home, I was advised to spend the night and leave in the morning because it would be safer and the police were out.  Whenever our Pana-fam told  us that the police were out,  it was to warn us that they occasionally apprehend and detain men at their discretion.  The next morning I found out what they meant.

It was around 7 am when I’d walked from Concepcion to Ciudad Radial, my barrio.  Before reaching my gate, I doubled back to the chinito (corner store owned by chinese people) around the corner.  I bought some coco-flakes and milk that I thought I’d be eating moments later in the comfort of the Sweatbox.

On the way back from the chinito, I’d turned onto Calle 16  and was footsteps from my gate when the police came.  They hopped out like the gestapo with M16s and uzis drawn.  My hands reached for the heavens and I froze.  With several firearms aimed at me, one officer took the lead in questioning me.

policia panama

“Tiene cedula,” the officer asked.

I gave him my passport and explained that I was from the US and was an english teacher in Marbella.  I spoke in english first, then broken spanish because my white co-workers at my job said to always speak english when the cops stop you.  It had gotten them out of a lot of trouble, so I thought, I’d have similar luck.  Little did I know.

The pig (a euphemism for the police primarily used by people of color, but not limited to said group, sarcastically) looked at his cohorts then looked back at me and said, “tiene plata?”  I looked puzzled as if I didn’t understand what he meant, so he unstrapped his handgun that was attached to his chest holster and asked me again.

“¿Tiene plata?”

I kinda got the feeling that he meant business this time.

policia vehiculo panama negros americanos

I reached deep into my pockets, unravelling both to show that I was broke.  Some change fell out as I did this, so I slowly went to pick it up.  It was about 75 cents.  As I was counting it, the officer got aggravated and slapped the change out my hand and handcuffed me.

At gunpoint I was put into the back of the police truck and handcuffed to another detainee.  This particular man was rambunctious, cursing the police and threatening to hurt them.  The police kept telling him to shut up, pointing their large weapons at him.  Our wrists were joined by the cuffs and as he got rowdy swinging his hands, he pulled me.  I was trying my best to create as much distance between us in the back of the police truck, just in case they chose to shoot him.

I later learned in the cell that he was aggravated because the police apprehended him while he was walking down the street with his 3 year old daughter.  The cops took him and left her in the street.

I empathized.

We arrived at the station and were escorted off two at a time.  We were taken to the back, searched down to the undergarments (down to the birthday suit). All personal possessions, like keys and phones, were taken.

No charges, no rights being read and no phone calls.  I was off the grid and completely unaware of what was going to happen to me.

We were walked outside and around the side to the holding cells.

The gust of funk that let out when the officer opened the cell door could’ve burned the ugly off the face of Mick Jagger.  It was that putrid!

One by one the other captives entered.

I looked at the officer and said “por que?”  He motioned with his uzi to my back to enter the cell.

To be continued….

Click here for Part 2 of Locked Up Abroad : Panama (walking while black) w/ mc enigma

– mc enigma

negros americanos en concepcion, juan diaz

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Feria Del Barrio 2014-Philadelphia, PA


prphil ok

This past Sunday, Sept 21st I decided to head down to Philly to experience the festivities of Feria Del Barrio.  This is one of, if not Philadelphia’s largest celebrations of Latino music and culture and takes place in North Philly.  So many beautiful people where there! and Mega 1310-Philly’s spanish centered station was also in attendance.  I went by myself, but it was good to take in the vibes, watch the performances and glance at pretty ladies-in a non-creepy type of  way of course.  I also took advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness of our group Negros Americanos in this highly latino populated area of Philly.  In my opinion, the hidden undertone of this festival was one that was overwhelmingly Puerto Rican.  Although it is for everyone, I found that to be the highest demographic.  It reminded me of when i went to the island of enchantment myself several years ago.  The amount of BeAUTY those people possess!! My goodness!!! take time and glance at some of the photos below of my short time at this event.

.prphi mega  prph prphilcentro prphillocs prphflag prpprphill

my goal was to spend more time at feria del barrio, but I reached out to a friend of mine that lives in Philadelphia.  Actually the beauty of our friendship is that I met her  through this blog-Bishop’s Travels.  At one point her and her husband were plotting a bold move to Panama, and had been researching via the web.  Thank God for S.e.o->search engine optimization, for those that don’t know.  Beacause she had been looking up info about life in Panama, I now have a friend for life, I hope.  Anyway, she told me that she was planning to go to the Spruce Street Harbor Park in South Philly, of which I had known nothing about.  This is a beautiful area! It is completely man-made and only exists during the summer time.  It is a  floating park on the Delaware river where you can get food, beer,  lounge on a hammock amongst a host of other things.  They have lily pad gardens there, all in a very nature-esque environment that connects you to the river in such a hustling-bustling urban metropolis.


I had loads of fun out there talking with different groups of people from all walks of life and taking in the sights of the area.  I also got to try a funky new beer called Riverhorse. This is a local beer out of New Jersey! I had never heard about it.  The taste was incredible and the kick-or bite or whatever, I don’t drink enough to know beer adjectives……But I do know this, after about 2 cups of that bad boy I was pretty inebriated. Fun good vibes in Philly…I am glad that I was able to check out the Spruce Street Harbor Park before they take it down next week.  Check those photos below.

bishop river floatingbeer lauren



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