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Brazilian AfroBeat


Based in Salvador, Bahia, this band/group I.F.Á is top notched next level with their music creation.  I.F.Á. (Ijexá — Funk– Afrobeat) presents a repertoir inspired by the musical diversity of African roots and its presence in the contemporary scene. the group dives into the universe of Afrobeat, Dub, Reggae, Funk and the music  of the Afro Afoxe groups of Bahia, making their music a true manifestation of the musical aesthetic!

Jorge Dubman (Kzah 04 Beatz)

So I met this very talented individual on Facebook.  I was connected with him through a woman that is a part of my closed group.  She sent me a suggestion to make him my friend, and said that we were on a similar wave. Jorge Dubman, a.k.a. Dr. Drumah hails from Salvador, Bahia-which is The African soul of Brazil. The mere mention of the name carries a deep cultural, spiritual and religious significance that is linked to Africa.  This soul definitely manifests itself within Dubman’s music.  At first, he was introduced to me as a dope hip hop producer.  We linked and he sent me a couple beats that were FANTASTIC!!  But then, about a week or two ago he sent me a link to a new video that he did with his band I.F.Á (He is the drummer of the Band) and I was absolutely blown away!!! I had to post it here.  It wasn’t really hip hop but a blend of so many genres and executed properly!  The way the video opens up gives me a quick glance of life in Salvador and it is shot so well that I actually thought I was a part of the band!.  Make sure you check out the new video posted below!!!

ifa 1

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