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Lost In The Wilderness (Soundtrack)


The Soundtrack will be released on your bandcamps, soundclouds and youtubes and all those good ole musical sharing avenues.  The track listing will include all songs used in the upcoming documentary (Lost In The Wilderness).  A list of songs, some -like Peaceful, C.h.u.c.h.a, The flight back, and The Field  of which have already been released on other projects. but help tell the story of Negros Americanos.  The Soundtrack, however is majority new songs that the world has never heard, including snippets from the upcoming album “Take Flight”.  I can also tell you that the song cornbread will  be on the soundtrack along with another song from the same band Le Gamut.  

Check the link below to see the trailer for the (L.I.T.W) soundtrack sung by the beautiful and talented Fallon Chalvire (euphrates).  This will also be the intro record, you will enjoy-

The first single from the Lost In The Wilderness (Soundtrack) -Can you ride it- has been out since the 4th of May.  It features the voice of the lovely Alexis Monteith, and was filmed on a secret location.  The first three people to guess the location get a free black and white Negros Americanos t-shirt!!!! Leave your guess in the comment box here!

can you

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Purple Twilight-New Video!!

bosh-enig Bosh-enigm

The 2 Pictures above were drawn by a brotha named Gilbert Igabe from Kenya and Uganda

So Wednesday, the birthday Party for mc enigma was great!.. It was fun to see people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  Some individuals that we went to high school with made an appearance in the venue.  The music was lovely, as to be expected when the sultry sounds were provided by the talented Ari Why.  Remember I talked about him in the While I was in Maine post.  We also performed a couple songs in there , and took advantage of the gathering to premier mc enigma’s new video Purple Twilight.  For those of you that couldn’t make it to the event, I am sharing the video right here on the blog, along with pictures from the night…BLeSS my beautiful people!

20141016_004756 glo-lyle silent-knightshow 20141016_003739 20141015_225128 glo-real 20141016_010632 20141015_233914 20141015_233751 20141016_003408 20141016_002502

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“Tu Eres Mi Mujer” New Video from Negros Americanos (Lyric Translations here)

So as Promised on this 20th day of May, we (Negros Americanos) have released our latest video entitled “Tu Eres Mi Mujer” You Are My Woman”. I said that I would put the lyrics in both languages for my serious language learners out there to translate and study new words and phrases. It is a good introduction to the world of music in spanish because the genre is still very much funky and hip hoppy and r-n-b-esque (if you will). Plus, even though I believe my accent is close to that of a native speaker in my head, it still isn’t. I still have that gringo flavor, that I try so desperately to hide-but it is a part of me and it is what makes our style so unique. The good thing for you is that it will be easier to understand when you read with the lyrics. It is a short song so have fun and get lost in it, but don’t stop here! Get the lyrics for other songs and learn them and sing them in the shower and around the house, and you will be understanding and speaking in no time.

-Tu eres mi mujer- letras en español…(lyrics in spanish)

Mis Amigos no pueden entender
De este amor no les puedo convencer
junto a ti ellos no me quieren ver
pero tu eres mi mujer!

me dicen que la gyal indicada llegara pa mi
y la que tengo es mejor dejarla allí
y que tu nombre es conocido en todo el barrio
no te preocupes que no les hago caso mami
no cambiaría lo que yo siento por ti solamente por toda la invidia que tienen a mi
no me importa lo que quieren decir-se que es la razón por la cual ellos hablan así
que tu tiene muchos hombres por allí
me quiere utilizar y después alejar de mi
todo mundo tiene derecho opinar pero al final
yo soy tu papi!

Mis Amigos no pueden entender
De este amor no les puedo convencer
junto a ti ellos no me quieren ver
pero tu eres mi mujer

y de nadie mas te lo digo girl
no quiero nadie mas en el whole wide world -el mundo entero-

Tu eres mi mujer -you are my woman- lyrics in english

My friends cannot understand
I cannot convince them of this love
they don’t want to see me and you together
But you are MY woman!

they tell me that the right girl will arrive for me
and the one I have its better if I leave her
and that your name is known in the whole neighborhood
don’t worry because I don’t pay them any mind mami
I wouldn’t change what I feel for you
just for the envy that they have for me
i don’t care what they try to say I know thats the reason they talk that way
that you have a lot of men over there
and you just want to use me and leave me
everyone has the right to an opinion
but at the end of the day I am your papi

My friends cannot understand
I cannot convince them of this love
they don’t want to see me and yo
But you are MY woman

And no one else, Im telling you girl
I don’t want no one else in the whole wide world

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Tu Eres Mi Mujer-New Video in Spanish coming Soon


Tu Eres Mi Mujer –You Are My Woman

I don’t post a lot of Negros Americanos music on this blog, I started out doing that but I decided to keep it mainly travel and language learning related but this song is different. Because it is mostly spanish, it gives me a unique opportunity here on the blog to provide my readers who are serious language learners with a challenge.  I learned spanish living in Panama, but what i found was that it is not 100 percent necessary to live in a country that speaks your target language.  Right now on my Portuguese learning campaign, I am at song number 38.  That is, I have learned 38 Brazilian songs in different genres, but mainly rap, reggae and samba.  Its what I call the substitution method for serious language learners who just don’t have the time to take classes, you just substitute things you already like to do with things that involve the target language.  You should explore music in the language and also movies and television, even if it is dubbed.  You will find that you learn waaay faster than if you were to take months of standardized classes.  I said all that to say that any you potential language learners out there should use this song, which is very short and simple to help teach you how to say words and phrases.  I will even help you, Tomorrow on May 20th, I will release the video for Tu Eres Mi Mujer with the lyrics in english and spanish.  Follow along with the lyrics and sing with me so that you can understand which words and phrases are used in which situations.  Let this song be the introduction to this habit because it is a spanish song with a hip hop and r&b feel and its something you are more accustomed to.  Once you get used to it…DIVe IN!!!



The song itself is pretty short, it is only one verse and a hook and bridge.  making it under three minutes long.  There is a little acting in the video, however that makes it about 3:30, so it shouldn’t take too much out of your daily schedule.  The premise of the song is that I am madly in love with a woman who my friends are telling me is a Harlot.  I am so blind by her love that I simply won’t listen to them.  One day out of frustration one of my “friends” decided he would call her and set up a date (meaning he would attempt to fornicate with my flower.)  Both friends decide to set me up and show me that the other was with her, so I am bought to the scene and shown through binoculars that my queen was committing infidelity with my best friend.  It simply shatters me, and my innocent glee for life is snuffed out like that of a candle sitting alone on windy side street.


I don’t know why I like to play these roles of the underdog, or the guy who loses the girl.  I like to have an antagonist in many of the songs and videos as well, if you remember the last spanish song, Rakatakas Necesitan Amor tambien.  As I tried desperately to win over the love a woman held in an abusive relationship with a Costa Rican gangster.  

-This was a very fun video to make, and I am sure that you will enjoy and share and comment…all that good stuff.  But most importantly you will use it as an introductory tool to what I call, substitution.




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For The Field (Negros Americanos benefit show)


so i believe it was about 2006 when my partner in rhyme- (and also fellow blog contributor with riveting posts such as “How far would you travel for love” and “whats crawling on my face“)-mc enigma decided to start a book scholarship. This, of course is years before Negros Americanos was even thought of, but it just shows the type of philanthropic ways of this brotha even before we really had much. Realizing how expensive it is to buy books in college, he would pay for the scholarship out of his own pocket. Fast forward some years, we have graduated from university, and worked several odd jobs. We moved to Panama, traveled to a couple different places, and came back in 2012 as Negros Americanos...A bilingual group that make music for different groups of people, in a style that has never quite been seen. Its only right that we throw a show that’s so purpose is to fund this scholarship, and help to ease the anxiety and stress that already comes with the college life. Trust me, been there done that. I say this all to say-IF by any chance you find yourself in the Plainfield/Newark NJ area on the 24th day of April, come through and show some support for Negros Americanos, the youth and a the prospect for a better thriving community..AND IF you so happen to not be in the area it will be filmed and uploaded onto youtube…BLESS



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First Annual Afro Latino Festival of New York

First Annual Afro Latino Festival of New York

This event was put together in part by a lovely Panamanian born/raised New Yorker that (like us here at Negros Americanos) has a passion for uniting Latinos and Blacks, as well as bringing the hidden history and stories of Afro Latinos to the forefront…You know of course Negros Americanos had to be part of something like that…It makes perfect sense, even though we are not technically Afro Latinos, our experiences have allowed us to be adopted and christened as such…If you are in the general NY Metropolitan area, hopefully I will see you there !!!!

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