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Cornbread Around the World!

cornbreadfestcornb fest cornbread

So If you happen to find yourself in the Southern part of Tennessee on the 25th and 26th there will be a National Cornbread Festival!  Ya thats right! A Festival for Cornbread! I couldn’t make it up if I tried.  It is interesting that this annual festival is held in Tennessee, because if you check the song that I posted below named Cornbread, I talk about about a girl from that state who I fell in love with and wanted back.  The National Cornbread Festival takes place in the sleepy town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, quite some distance from the metropolitan hotspots of Memphis and Nashville.  It appears that this town is about 80% White, hmm  I wonder who they have making the cornbread.  But I don’t want you to think this post is only about the National Cornbread Festival.  I have also been checking what other cultures outside of the United States.  First click below to see the video Negros Americanos-Cornbread.

Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to share some of what I have learned today.  Of course I can’t talk about every culture’s cornbreads, but just highlight a few.  The United States isn’t alone in its love for this buttery and delectable treat!  Below, is Broa de Milho and it is a Portuguese and Brazilian Cornbread.  Unlike the cornbread typical of the US  Broa is leavened with yeast, rather than baking soda.


Pain de Mais is French cornbread, but made differently in different areas.  For instance I looked  into the Haitian Variety, and also the cornbread from Quebec. The Haitian Pain de Mais looks a lot different from the American cornbread, because seems to use more  cinnamon and nutmeg, MMM I want to taste it! I don’t see much of a difference between the Quebec cornbread and US cornbread.  But also don’t know much about the ingredients because all the info on it seems to be in French, which I cannot understand yet.  Left is Haitian Cornbread, to the right is Quebec Cornbread.

pain haiti pain quebec

There is also a Colombian Cornbread called Mantecada.  Now the original Mantecada is a type of Pastry from Spain similar to a muffin, but in Colombia it is different.  It is cut into squares like the cornbread we are familiar with and it is mostly popular in the capital city of Bogotá.  Now that I know this, I will order it from the Colombian restaurant near me.

mantecada colombia

Since we made the song cornbread, I have noticed that many women have offered to make us meals with this down home treat on the side.  If that is the only benefit or rewards from this song, I’ll take that lol.  I have definitely gained a few pounds! I Love Cornbread! and I am elated to know that when I travel to other countries, I still have a similar dish that can compliment my main course- cornbread!

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