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They Wanna Throw Dirt on My Name Because of the “C.H.U.C.H.A”

Chucha-flier-panama Negros Americanos

So yeah, people seemed to have misunderstood the whole “C.H.U.C.H.A” thing. of course “Chucha” is a word used in Panamanian Ecuadorian spanish and probably more that I don’t know about, it is the pussy, or it could be used as fuck or shit (in the sense that you are angry that you dropped and broke something). The hook is in spanish and is so vulgar if only given a surface listen I could see how it could be misunderstood and treated as filth. But what the verses in english explain is that chucha is an acronym for the C.landestine H.eart U.nder the C.aged H.ummingbird A.dentro (inside) in spanish. So what we are saying is not that we want the chucha, rather that we want you to release your heart, your soul and the true essence within you. The song lyrics don’t even suggest that it is about sex. Now the hook was put that way because that was the first word we learned when we went to Panama. I still have a very close relationship with the word chucha and I say it every time stub my toe on the bottom of the door. We knew that would get a lot of people’s attention and open the reggae crowd up to what quality hip hop is supposed to sound like and at that it was effective. I mean look at the responses that we got out there from the crowd as we rocked the stages.  I do believe that we added extra momentum the fast growing Panamanian music scene (remember the post).  It was actually quite invigorating to be in a different country rocking and getting that kind of love. This song was recorded in Panama when we lived there in 2011 in mc enigma’s small no A/C having apartment affectionately known as “The Sweatbox” and released in September of that same year on the Rainy Season album…It actually got quite a few spins out in Panama, but its when we put a video up to show how much love we were getting at a point in that nation (about a month ago the vid went up) that I have been hearing a lot of “you guys are better than that”. Or “I thought you were this”, and Im like, what are people missing? First off, no ones ever one way alright guy!…I fornicate too you know! and second the song is so tasteful, theres not even any profanity in it. But I understand.

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