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FOSHO by Mello Mel


Mello Mel’s FOSHO is finally out! I for one am stupidly excited about that.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mel at his studio several times and must say that this individual is really a complete producer.  Never before have I listened to modern instrumental music without trying to imagine my own lyrics over the track.  Correction, I always try to rap over Mel’s Fosho tracks, but the extreme enjoyability of the music slaps me into a trance that only allows me to focus on the instrumentation and not what I may want to add.

fooooosho fosho

The FOSHO album is 2 years in the making.  I am always in the awe of the amount of work that Mel puts in, and the ear for sound that he has.  An ear that could take a drum and base sound, mix it with “elevated” trap a little boom bap, house music, etc.  The outcome is a sound that you can dance to, smoke to, have as good background music as you engage with friends.  Maybe even a good tune to put on when you want to talk to an attractive lady and possibly get some action, as there are less distractions with no lyrics.  So, If you are not in the Jersey area to pick up a physical you can free stream, or support this extremely talented black man by purchasing the album for $9.99 USD on  

Below is the link to check out FOSHO!

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