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Banda Preto Soul (Brazil)

So I do believe that I have mentioned to you that I am part of a closed  Facebook group aimed at bridging the cultural gap between black folk from the US and Brazil.  It is called Negras Brasileiras e Negros Americanos.  I am meeting so many beautiful and talented people from Brazil!  I constantly talk about my musical group-Negros Americanos.  We have been getting so many other recording and performance artists joining the group as well, it has become almost a musical overload,  And much like McDonalds…………I’m Luvin it!


I really enjoy this group-Banda Preto Soul!  Their sound blends together beautifully, from the instrumentation to the soothing voice of Nega San (lead vocalist).  As soon as she joined our Facebook group and saw me posting about N.A, she asked me if I ever thought about coming to São Paulo and Goiânia to do shows with them.  She then put me in contact with other members of her band, and we have been talking about the Brazilian hip hop/alternative scene and how to contract shows.  I am really looking forward to meeting this band and working with them in Brazil!


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