Evolution of New Jersey Music Culture

So, as many of you lovely individuals may know I am in a music group called Negros Americanos.  You may also know that I am from New Jersey.  We have been living back in this state and country since about 2012, and one thing that I can say is that I have always been chasing the New York scene, and not unlocking all of the fun secrets of Jersey.


However, I have learned from hanging out with Mello mel -who also produced the Negros Americanos-Flowverdose” record, that Jersey has a great scene that needs to be explored further.  I met Mello Mel through his sister Kaylan Jones of the clothing and accessories mark Forever Audatious and Dubois Ashong-director of the movie No Boni, of which I am also featured in.  Hanging out with these guys in Newark has shown me that there is a different type of scene here.


Some of the most enjoyable shows that I have been to as of late, do not involve singing or rapping.  Only a producer, some knobs, and a little “goin dumb” -as they say in the urban community-.  I am learning that it is all you need.  I am also learning that this style of show is growing and people enjoy coming out “getting right”-they also say that in the urban community- and vibing to some good instrumental music like Mel’s!!!

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Meninas Do Rio

Sorry I haven’t been sharing with you guys as much.  I have gotten super busy, but I am back and I promise that I wont go away again!  One of the things that I have been doing is putting my Portuguese to the test and meeting and conversing with actual Brazilians.  I, along with a lovely woman from São Vicente, São Paulo –Margareth Alexander Laurido- started a closed Facebook group to facilitate a connection between Black Brazilian woman and Black American men.  The group is called Negas Brasileiras e Negros Americanos -I will speak about that in another post more specifically- but  I have been making a lot of New Friends in Brazil! One of these friends is a woman named Bruna Oliveira from Rio De Janeiro.  We started to talk about music and she told me that she was in a band called Meninas Do Rio.  They are an all-girl percussionist band and I loooove them.  We are definitely going to collaborate when I get to Brazil,  check them out in the link below.


please like comment and share this video, thank you 🙂

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Negros Americanos- Flowverdose – New Video –

It has been a while since Negros Americanos has done a new video, but now here we are!  Flowverdose is the latest from our tri-lingual crew, and mc enigma takes us on a ride down his continual stream of consciousness for a while over a lovely beat by the uber talented mello mel, who you will learn about in following posts.  The cinematography was done by Justin Butler @jstbtr on instagram.  I really think you guys will enjoy!!



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Jersey City Museum Screening of No Boni!!

So I made a post a while back about the film No Boni by Dubois Ashong.  Now this brotha is so talented that instead of sharing the No Boni trailer, I decided to share his newest film reel.  Here you can see a clip of No Boni included but some of the other things that he has is working on. I love his artistry!!  It has been a long time since I have been around someone who is able to execute their vision like Dubois Ashong.

I say and show this to say that the examples of this man’s excellence has proved that this No Boni film will be no short of a masterpiece! One that will have an early screening at the Jersey City Museum -350 Montomery St. Jersey City, NJ- on the 28th of March-which will be next Saturday.  The event will run from 1-4pm and also will show an Documentary on Jerry Gant that Brotha Ashong was also a part of.  Also your protagonists Negros Americanos will be performing a short set!!!! Its going to be simply magnificent, and the space is soooo beautiful! so come out support and enjoy.  Thank You!!!

no bo

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Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos! Vol 2.

We couldn’t exist without you!!!!!  “Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos”, Vol. 2 – and once again I don’t want anyone feeling left out if their picture wasn’t uploaded here, there will be plenty more as long as you lovely individuals continue to support and post pictures, Love you guys!! ALSO If you want to know where to purchase the shirts….Click this link right here SUPPORT US 🙂.

1estrelamora 2alexrocha4 emoway 5 emoway 6 dvys 7 Dom 8 Cypress 9 eryka 10 estrela 11 negrosamericanos 12 Kalani  14 Katrin 15  Cartagena pix 16 Vicki 18  cartagena club 19 Naret 20 taryn 21 hermano 22 alex rocha 23 Boshia 24 Doble Jota 25 Abedamy friend

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R.I.P Rise In Power-Brotherman Comics

real shit

So recently Negros Americanos performed at the notable Crossroads theatre.  It was a great show, and from there we met an AWeSOMe band by the name of Le Gamut! They are called that because they can play any genre.  There are three members of this band, and they are all super talented at what they do.  Now with that said Negros Americanos went to Jam out with them at their studio but before we could even get to the jamming part, we heard some of the music that they just put out.  One song that particularly struck me was a song called R.I.P Rise In Power.  A play on words of sort and an Ode to eric garner and the I cant Breath Movement.  It was such a beautiful song in itself that the clarity of the words, and beat caught me.  But then, when I saw the imagery that is involved in this video and I was struck stupid!!! The artist is doing what is called speed painting and showing his exact movements with the brush, Its absolutely amazing to watch!

Now speaking about the art you see in this video!  This was done by an astute individual named DAWUD ANYABWILE.  He is the creator of the comic Brother Man.  Now I must admit that I never previously heard of Brother Man, nor have I previously been into comic books.  But the fact that this comic was so interesting and well drawn, not to mention BLACK! I felt compelled to spend hours in that studio reading them. I got so into them that I did some research the very next day at work.  And Wow!!! The Brotherman Comics series was conceptualized in 1989 and introduced at the NYC Black Expo in May 1990. I also learned that the Creator- Brotha Dawud won an Emmy Award.  Dawud has also gained professional studio experience on televison productions such as THE WILD THORNBERRYS and THE RUGRATS as a character designer as well as many other music video, commercials, game animations and more.

For more on Brotherman Comics watch the video below:

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Legendary Cyphers… Union Square NYC

Are you guys familiar with some of the lovely and -Free- Culture that takes place right in New York City.  At Union Square on any given friday night you can catch established emcees right next to first timers, all waiting for a turn to display their talent amongst other artists and a captive audience….This is what is known as the“Cypher”.  And this Cypher, is quite supercharger! Hence the name Legendary!  But you will have to wait until the weather gets warm again to appreciate it.  I mean you wouldnt want to be out there freezing your fanny off in the cold would you??? So give it some time and then come out and enjoy this weekly cultural activity!!!!

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Monkey Island: experience the wildlife of Panama

If you are anything like me then you have a love for primates.  You marvel at their intelligence and ability to use opposable thumbs and problem solve.  There aren’t any places in the states where you can actually enter the natural habitat of wild monkeys and interact with them.  The Capuchin monkeys are extremely social creatures.  This is the species that was used in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean for that reason, and the monkey that you will interact with most if you decide on this experience.

monkey-island1 monkey_island 13.-Monkey-Island

You have two options in getting to Monkey Island.  One is to go the traditional route, which is with Monkey Island Tours, it will run you 110 dollars but it is the easiest and most straight forward way. Click the link and set up a tour!  I cringe at most things that seem too organized and touristy -Not that there is anything wrong with that-.  So naturally we went another route.  We were told by a co-worker at our english teaching job in Panama, that there lived a very mysterious and astute military man named Nelson.  Nelson is a Black Panamanian, a Vietnam vet that has returned to his homeland to live out the rest of his days.  He has amassed a fleet of fishing boats and rents out some of them.  His operation is based on the Gatun Lake, and to get there is a bit tricky.  You have to Go to the Albrook Mall Terminal.  From there take a bus to Gamboa, once you get one stop from Gamboa-BEFORE THBRIDGE! get off of the bus.  (This is the way directions are given in Panama lol). Also, on  the bus ride you will see the Summit Zoo, which has a collection of jungle animals rescued within Panama and a botanical garden- also a very fun day trip.  Once you get to the Dock you will most likely not find the illusive one they call Nelson, but a couple fishermen and his small motorized boats.  They will probably be missing teeth (the fishermen that is) and will be obliged to take you to the island for about twenty five dollars per person.   Now…. you will be on a boat with a complete stranger for a few hours in a place where if you disappeared no one would find you.  Nonetheless you will have a great time and kick it with fun monkeys.  Isn’t that nice?


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No Boni! A Pharmaceutical Reparations Experiment

no boni

So I was a in a lovely short film! The director and cinematographer, the very talented DuBois Nii-Armaah Ashong asked if I was interested in being part of a short Afro Sci-Fi narrative.  Knowing the quality of this man’s work (click this link to see his film reel) I jumped at the opportunity to participate such greatness.  When he told me what the film was about I was even more sold!  Produced by his company MindFrame Filmworks parts of the film were shot in Accra, Ghana and others in Newark New Jersey between August and October of  2014. Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

NO BONI  is set in 2016 tells the story the first test patient involved in the United States’Pharmaceutical Reparation Experiment. The film follows this patient as he is administered the highly classified NO BONI (dnatraline) pill which takes him on a mind bending journey to regain the history of his Diasporian ancestors, during, after and prior to the slave trade.

Make sure you check out the official complete trailer in the link under!

no boni2no bon

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77% of young people killed in Brazil are black – Amnesty International launches campaign to preserve the lives of young blacks in Brazil

-Brazil actually has gotten a lot safer for white people. In the past decade, homicides among whites have decreased 24 percent. But among the black population they have increased 40 percent.
Wealthier whiter populations, especially in Brazil, can pay for additional security, be it in the form of electric fences, or well-guarded apartment buildings or gated communities.

-The rest of the population has to deal with a police force that in 2012 killed some 2,000 people — or more than five a day. (From 2010 to 2012 in the United States, an FBI database showed that police killed about 400 people a year, or about an eighth as many per capita.)………hmmmm sounds familiar!!!!

Black Women Of Brazil

Anistia Internacional lança campanha pela preservação da vida de jovens negros no Brasil (2)

Note from BW of Brazil: The topic of the murder of black youth and Afro-Brazilians in general and the lack of media coverage worldwide has been a consistent topic here. And it has been long past due that the situation in Brazil is discussed from the perspective of race. This is not to say that non-black lives don’t matter but the simple fact is that in Brazil, as in many other countries around the world, there seems to be a general conception that black lives are not as important as the lives of persons who consider themselves to be white. As a matter of fact, as a young woman’s comment showed me once again recently, many white Brazilians don’t even perceive that young blacks are the main victims of violence. But let’s be honest about this, even the US-based National Public Radio had to acknowledge the fact…

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