R.I.P Rise In Power-Brotherman Comics

real shit

So recently Negros Americanos performed at the notable Crossroads theatre.  It was a great show, and from there we met an AWeSOMe band by the name of Le Gamut! They are called that because they can play any genre.  There are three members of this band, and they are all super talented at what they do.  Now with that said Negros Americanos went to Jam out with them at their studio but before we could even get to the jamming part, we heard some of the music that they just put out.  One song that particularly struck me was a song called R.I.P Rise In Power.  A play on words of sort and an Ode to eric garner and the I cant Breath Movement.  It was such a beautiful song in itself that the clarity of the words, and beat caught me.  But then, when I saw the imagery that is involved in this video and I was struck stupid!!! The artist is doing what is called speed painting and showing his exact movements with the brush, Its absolutely amazing to watch!

Now speaking about the art you see in this video!  This was done by an astute individual named DAWUD ANYABWILE.  He is the creator of the comic Brother Man.  Now I must admit that I never previously heard of Brother Man, nor have I previously been into comic books.  But the fact that this comic was so interesting and well drawn, not to mention BLACK! I felt compelled to spend hours in that studio reading them. I got so into them that I did some research the very next day at work.  And Wow!!! The Brotherman Comics series was conceptualized in 1989 and introduced at the NYC Black Expo in May 1990. I also learned that the Creator- Brotha Dawud won an Emmy Award.  Dawud has also gained professional studio experience on televison productions such as THE WILD THORNBERRYS and THE RUGRATS as a character designer as well as many other music video, commercials, game animations and more.

For more on Brotherman Comics watch the video below:

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3 thoughts on “R.I.P Rise In Power-Brotherman Comics

  1. gary

    (^.^) !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dulldagger

    great work!

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