No Boni! A Pharmaceutical Reparations Experiment

no boni

So I was a in a lovely short film! The director and cinematographer, the very talented DuBois Nii-Armaah Ashong asked if I was interested in being part of a short Afro Sci-Fi narrative.  Knowing the quality of this man’s work (click this link to see his film reel) I jumped at the opportunity to participate such greatness.  When he told me what the film was about I was even more sold!  Produced by his company MindFrame Filmworks parts of the film were shot in Accra, Ghana and others in Newark New Jersey between August and October of  2014. Here is a brief synopsis of the film:

NO BONI  is set in 2016 tells the story the first test patient involved in the United States’Pharmaceutical Reparation Experiment. The film follows this patient as he is administered the highly classified NO BONI (dnatraline) pill which takes him on a mind bending journey to regain the history of his Diasporian ancestors, during, after and prior to the slave trade.

Make sure you check out the official complete trailer in the link under!

no boni2no bon

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