The Phat Startup #Tech808 The First Hip Hop and Tech Convention!


So there is an excellent event that Negros Americanos will in fact be attending on November 21, 2014 called tech 808 brought to you by the brothas of “The Phat Startup” .  This conference is unlike any conference that I have ever heard about before-one that merges the Tech world with the hip hop world, and focusses on entrepreneurship and how to achieve success in whatever business it may be that you are starting.  As the title suggests this conference deals with tech start ups and delves into the music business as well, but don’t get it twisted-effective skills in business are universal and going to an event like this is definitely a solid  investment.


So I cannot go much further on here without saying that i found out about this conference by listening to the show, They Met Online, which is……absolutley incredible! I mean I don’t want to go to deep into a side spiel about this show, but they deal with relationship issues; of course internet dating, and interviews with great folk about everything under the sun, in this case, The Phat Startup.  Now They Met Online interviewed the two brothas that created The Phat Startup-Anthony Frasier and James Lopez.  I haven’t even made my way to the conference yet, and here I am learning all of this new information on how the worlds of Tech and Hip hop collide. For example, Michelle Talbert, one of the hosts on They Met Online asked  about tools that artist can use to reach out to like minded people and fans. They gave a very simple yet super informative answer, one that I have been using nonstop since i heard it on the show-  You just type in there anything you may want to find, lets say new positive hip hop.  All you have to do is tweet to the people who have said something recently  about the  word you searched. CLICK the link or picture directly to listen to the “They Met Online” interview with brothas Anthony Frasier and James Lopez                   

click HeRe -or the picture below


This interview has many motivational parts where they talk about starting the business with just 2 dollars.  A lot focussed on investing- Investing in yourself, and in the contacts and networks that it can provide.  They spoke of an individual by the name of John Lee Dumas.  His podcast business is booming, and one of the things that they talk about is that he paid upwards of 20,000 dollars a month to be a part of a mastermind.  Through that investment, his company grew to gross over 100,000 dollars every month! I mention that to say that this man paid a lot of money to be around likeminded individuals at different levels of their business.  THIS tech 808  event is the same thing-but it aint no 20,000 dollars! For 200 bucks, 100  if you simply  put the “bossup” promo code at the checkout when buying your ticket! Imagine! these brothas are putting on this event with experts in their fields.  However this conference, which would be justified at 1,000 dollars-but kept at 100 so that it could be affordable to up and comings and people of color.   Click the picture below or this blue link here to go to the checkout page and be a part of this event.  Bless up mis amigos!

my man


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