Our Friends….The Germans

our friends the german

So about a month ago I got connected with the two intriguing gentlemen that we see in the photo.  They came from Cologne and Frankfurt Germany and rented a car in Miami and drove from Florida to New York.  The intention of the road trip was to document findings that will prove or dispel some of the German stereotypes of American culture.  We were already friends on Facebook and they told me they were coming up finally to the New Jersey area after traveling through Miami, Atlanta, Charleston SC, NC, DC, Baltimore, and Philly.


When we met, we sat and talked about the differences between the US and Germany.  I think that they were a little perturbed  that most Americans’ knowledge of German culture was based on Hitler and the third Reich.  As a matter of fact even I made a comment about how I thought Germans spoke so aggressively.  They let me know how ignorant I was to associate the heated and passionate Hitler speeches with the personality of all German people.  I immediately felt shame.  Also I find it interesting that much like my friend/DJ Ari Why, these 2 individuals were bestowed a large collection of National Geographic books while in Miami. Because they weren’t able to take them back with them on the flight I was given a couple of the books, which I am very excited about.  One of the things about these brothas is that they are very much into HIP HOP MUSIC! They told me how some artist like Jeru the Damaja live in Germany, because the scene is so big there that they get more bookings  than in the states.  They also showed me some of the German artists: good ones, and ones that we would consider to be “ratchet” such as Haftbefehl, which translates into arrest warrant.  He is a Turkish-German gangsta rapper out of Frankfurt.


These wonderful German individuals were not just interviewing people for the fun of it, but were actually putting their findings in a book.  The images that they took for this book, was not with a normal camera.  They used an old school cam that you actually had to develop the photos in a studio.  Mind you, the images that they took of us was not merely edited on instagram, rather developed from film old school style.  I think that method is always better.

marc2 marc

Later in that same week they came to see us rock in Manhattan at the world famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe! It was a fun night, I can’t wait to see what those pictures look like, when they get developed.  Bless, and can’t wait to see these guys when we tour Deutchland!


Negros Americanos rocking the Nuyorican!

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One thought on “Our Friends….The Germans

  1. K

    Interesting post. It’s too bad your German friends aren’t visiting the west coast (or the midwest for that matter); by doing so they would gain a greater understanding of this country and all of its people.

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