Feria Del Barrio 2014-Philadelphia, PA


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This past Sunday, Sept 21st I decided to head down to Philly to experience the festivities of Feria Del Barrio.  This is one of, if not Philadelphia’s largest celebrations of Latino music and culture and takes place in North Philly.  So many beautiful people where there! and Mega 1310-Philly’s spanish centered station was also in attendance.  I went by myself, but it was good to take in the vibes, watch the performances and glance at pretty ladies-in a non-creepy type of  way of course.  I also took advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness of our group Negros Americanos in this highly latino populated area of Philly.  In my opinion, the hidden undertone of this festival was one that was overwhelmingly Puerto Rican.  Although it is for everyone, I found that to be the highest demographic.  It reminded me of when i went to the island of enchantment myself several years ago.  The amount of BeAUTY those people possess!! My goodness!!! take time and glance at some of the photos below of my short time at this event.

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my goal was to spend more time at feria del barrio, but I reached out to a friend of mine that lives in Philadelphia.  Actually the beauty of our friendship is that I met her  through this blog-Bishop’s Travels.  At one point her and her husband were plotting a bold move to Panama, and had been researching via the web.  Thank God for S.e.o->search engine optimization, for those that don’t know.  Beacause she had been looking up info about life in Panama, I now have a friend for life, I hope.  Anyway, she told me that she was planning to go to the Spruce Street Harbor Park in South Philly, of which I had known nothing about.  This is a beautiful area! It is completely man-made and only exists during the summer time.  It is a  floating park on the Delaware river where you can get food, beer,  lounge on a hammock amongst a host of other things.  They have lily pad gardens there, all in a very nature-esque environment that connects you to the river in such a hustling-bustling urban metropolis.


I had loads of fun out there talking with different groups of people from all walks of life and taking in the sights of the area.  I also got to try a funky new beer called Riverhorse. This is a local beer out of New Jersey! I had never heard about it.  The taste was incredible and the kick-or bite or whatever, I don’t drink enough to know beer adjectives……But I do know this, after about 2 cups of that bad boy I was pretty inebriated. Fun good vibes in Philly…I am glad that I was able to check out the Spruce Street Harbor Park before they take it down next week.  Check those photos below.

bishop river floatingbeer lauren



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