One of my best friends went to Montreal back in August, he took some amazing photos….I will bring in the new year with him out there!!!!! I decided to reblog his photo journal of the experience…Looks lovely, can’t wait to go!! quote of the post-“Hey, we all selfie sometimes.”

Plainfield View

I didn’t take many pictures during my trip to Montreal, nor did I take the best shots. For one, the sky was overcast almost my entire time there, and it rained constantly. In addition to the weather, as exciting, artsy, energetic, and comfortable of a place as Montreal is – it’s not the most beautiful city. You have to work for shots in a rainy, overcast Montreal. Who wants to work on vacation?

That being said, I missed the Mayor’s community cookout, a local protest, a Muhlenberg meeting, and more while away, so I figure I should have something to show for it.

DSC09970 Lake Champlain, upstate New York from my Amtrak window

DSC09969 Lake Champlain

DSC09866 Best. Store. Ever. Hadio on Mont Royal Avenue East. Here are some of their pins. I bought four T-shirts, with no clue Quebec had a 15% sales tax on clothing. Ouch.

DSC09842 Stand up chess players near the Place des Arts…

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