Not My Baby! Violence in the Black Community from New Jersey to Missouri



I am no expert, but i don’t think that the rate of police Killing young black unarmed men or women for that matter, has increased.  I think that through social media and the popularity of carrying camera phones is forcing us to start to re-examine our place in the Cosmos.  At some point we got a little too Hopey/changey and we started to forget about mass incarceration of black men.  We forget about the fact that we are still dying in the streets at alarming rates.  We forget about the rates of disease, unplanned parenthood, illiteracy, dropout rates, etc.  We are still at the top of almost every ‘bad’ list.

I remember exactly where I was when Obama won the election against McCain.  I danced in the street in the drizzly rain on Dayton St. in Newark New Jersey’s south ward.  I was ecstatic… I knew however that our problems in the black community were not simply going to disappear overnight.  What I didn’t realize was that we would have words like ‘post’ racial.  That is such a ridiculous word-what does it even mean to be ‘post racial??” Does it mean ignoring all the problems that make many people uncomfortable, but directly derive from the institution of ‘White Supremacy’-automatically putting my current state back on my level of competency, or just inability to make things happen for myself.

Im not trying to be pessimistic here but I mean, if we just take a look at comments made by some people at the bottom of most youtube videos that are based on black issues. It’s quite clear how the world still feels about African Americans.. .Now I for one, could care less about what other people think about me.  Im more concerned with how we can stand on our own two collectively to a point where opinions by others about our inner affairs are an after thought.  Two of the main things I believe that we must do to achieve that is to change the dynamic of the black family, and stop the violence within out community.  Without throwing any blame at a specific gender, we need to find a way to have children in healthy families with a mother and father at home.  We need for our children to grow up seeing a loving family to know how to emulate it.  We also need to start understanding that we are all human beings and taking another man’s life sends a ripple of pain and anguish felt by so many people.  The reason we decided to release this video now, is to attempt to show the other side of the equation, how a family is left hurt by these spur of the moment outbursts of violence, that unfortunatey plague our community.  

Str8Jakket, the third MC on this song is an artist from Kansas City, Missouri.  That city maybe completely on the other side as St. Louis and Ferguson, but he is in the general area and can get a feel for the type of aggressiveness that makes Missouri the state with the highest rate of Black Victimizational deaths in the nation.  So it was only right and fitting that he be part of this experience.

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