Biking in South Caribbean Costa Rica

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Words can’t quite express the feeling of freedom that I experience when I enter  this area of the world.  The Limón province in my humble opinion is one of the world’s great slices of nature.. Such a hidden hotbed of flora and fauna, from humungous spiders to howler monkeys, colorful frogs, sloths, hawks and eagles, coati, ocelots and what have you.  The jungle disappears into the sea in such a way there that it is often hard for words to describe.  I often find myself in awe of the jungle sounds and the sound of the water as they meet.  I decided to rent a bike and head to the sleepy town of Manzanillo, a few miles down the road from Puerto Viejo, where I normally stay.  Manzanillo is very small and doesnt have the touristy back pack vibe that Puerto Viejo has began to develop in the last few years with hostels popping up everywhere.

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The main road takes you directly to Manzanillo, and even further down to the Sixaola Border with Panama.  There is one long road, and at times can get a tad dangerous with all the cars in the street, but if you stay aware you should be quite alright.  Because of the humidity on a good many of days-you will sweat a lot, thus making it more appealing to those looking at it from a from a fitness perspective.  It felt like it took forever to get to Manzanillo on bike but it was well worth the wait; The views on this beach were amazing, and the privacy was priceless.  There is also the popular Maxi’s restaurant with afro caribbean food, but I ate at a place called  Cool and Calm Cafe that you can spot as soon as you bike in from town, it is another afro caribbean spot, and the food and natural shake are amazing there.  Good Reggae music, Good food, good vibes and conversation with all this beauty in the back drop is my personal heaven.  And its something that I think young couples should experience with one another- Ride your bike through the rainforest together and end up at a beautiful seemingly isolated beach…Go skinny dipping or something, then get some good caribbean food listen to reggae and ride back to your hostel or hotel or hammock by the beach.


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