Negros Americanos Gives Out Scholarships!



I don’t know if you lovely readers remember the post that I wrote about the “For the Field” show that we did back in April.  This was a show that we put together at Hugo’s bar in Plainfield, NJ.  Thanks to the beautiful individuals that came out to support we were able to raise 600 dollars for the 2014 graduate going off to Universities.  So We were able to give 100 dollar book scholarships to six astute graduating seniors, which definitely makes a difference in the life of an incoming freshman.  We will continue to raise even larger amounts, to give away money to deserving recipients.  We thank all the people that come out to our shows, without you guys these types of things couldn’t happen! Bless.


mc enigma giving a speech before giving out the scholarships! He’s quite the character

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3 thoughts on “Negros Americanos Gives Out Scholarships!

  1. *Yoles*

    this is GREAT… i LOVE it

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