Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos! Vol 1.

So I decided to do this post to give thanks to all the lovely individuals supporting Negros Americanos!  We couldn’t exist without you!  This is just Vol. 1, so I don’t want anyone feeling left out if their picture wasn’t uploaded here, hopefully there will benough photos to have this be an ongoing series on the blog.  We have here in this group of very beautiful people such a global mixup.  There are photos here from BrazilPanamaAustralia, Jamaica and different states in the US, from Brooklyn to New Mexico.  What is absolutely necessary, in this music industry frontier, is to have grassroots support from the people.  That even though we have no major backing, Negros Americanos is able to move such beautiful people and continue to rock stages and drop videos and build a name for ourselves, so once again we wholeheartedly appreciate that and show gratitude.

christina Janay  Maria NA Yaa NA   Taryn NA   meagan NA   IMG_3549   Paola NA  Na2  Saleema NA    Michell v talbert NA  John NA  IMG_3395  Kyrie NA  IMG_3563  Tawanna NA  eliane NA   NA laur  cheryl NAmichelleRaven NAIMG_3587

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