The 2nd Annual Afro-Latino Festival is Right Around the Corner!!

afro latino festival

Last year was the First Annual Afro Latino festival in the history of New York, and I would imagine one of, if not the first in the entire country. It had to take a place like Brooklyn, A town that sweats with culture, to facilitate something like this. As well as the genius minds of Mai-Elka Prado (afro-Panameña) and Tania Molina (afro-Hondureña). These two ladies realized the importance of celebrating the beautiful and vast cultures that exist within the spectrum of Afro-Latinitad, and they deserve the full credit and respect for what they have accomplished in their still very young lives. At the first annual we were surprised that we got to perform, just because we are not actual “Afro-Latinos”, rather “African-American” or whatever it is we are calling ourselves now a days. Why the seperation? Because we were taken and distributed in different countries around the world and speak different languages? We are all black and Negros Americanos is about facilitating that togetherness.  Here you can learn about Afro Latino culture, represent your country, meet cool and interesting people, not to mention very nice looking as well.  You can eat different foods and shop from the many vendors representing different regions and cultures.

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