Tu Eres Mi Mujer-New Video in Spanish coming Soon


Tu Eres Mi Mujer –You Are My Woman

I don’t post a lot of Negros Americanos music on this blog, I started out doing that but I decided to keep it mainly travel and language learning related but this song is different. Because it is mostly spanish, it gives me a unique opportunity here on the blog to provide my readers who are serious language learners with a challenge.  I learned spanish living in Panama, but what i found was that it is not 100 percent necessary to live in a country that speaks your target language.  Right now on my Portuguese learning campaign, I am at song number 38.  That is, I have learned 38 Brazilian songs in different genres, but mainly rap, reggae and samba.  Its what I call the substitution method for serious language learners who just don’t have the time to take classes, you just substitute things you already like to do with things that involve the target language.  You should explore music in the language and also movies and television, even if it is dubbed.  You will find that you learn waaay faster than if you were to take months of standardized classes.  I said all that to say that any you potential language learners out there should use this song, which is very short and simple to help teach you how to say words and phrases.  I will even help you, Tomorrow on May 20th, I will release the video for Tu Eres Mi Mujer with the lyrics in english and spanish.  Follow along with the lyrics and sing with me so that you can understand which words and phrases are used in which situations.  Let this song be the introduction to this habit because it is a spanish song with a hip hop and r&b feel and its something you are more accustomed to.  Once you get used to it…DIVe IN!!!



The song itself is pretty short, it is only one verse and a hook and bridge.  making it under three minutes long.  There is a little acting in the video, however that makes it about 3:30, so it shouldn’t take too much out of your daily schedule.  The premise of the song is that I am madly in love with a woman who my friends are telling me is a Harlot.  I am so blind by her love that I simply won’t listen to them.  One day out of frustration one of my “friends” decided he would call her and set up a date (meaning he would attempt to fornicate with my flower.)  Both friends decide to set me up and show me that the other was with her, so I am bought to the scene and shown through binoculars that my queen was committing infidelity with my best friend.  It simply shatters me, and my innocent glee for life is snuffed out like that of a candle sitting alone on windy side street.


I don’t know why I like to play these roles of the underdog, or the guy who loses the girl.  I like to have an antagonist in many of the songs and videos as well, if you remember the last spanish song, Rakatakas Necesitan Amor tambien.  As I tried desperately to win over the love a woman held in an abusive relationship with a Costa Rican gangster.  

-This was a very fun video to make, and I am sure that you will enjoy and share and comment…all that good stuff.  But most importantly you will use it as an introductory tool to what I call, substitution.




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2 thoughts on “Tu Eres Mi Mujer-New Video in Spanish coming Soon

  1. Tamen

    I love this Song

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