Do Push Buttons In Panama facilitate infidelity?


What are push button hotels? When I lived in Panama i always heard people talking about Pushes. It was sort of a popular, cultural tabooish thing in that City. Basically the name push button comes from the fact that you drive directly into the -sex- motel through the garage. You push a button to close the garage, hence the name-and the fact that if you see a garage door open than you know that a room is available.


I have never had the pleasure of staying in a push, mainly because you need a car to experience them, and I bussed it that whole year. However through youtube I was able to discover the inner workings of the experience (which I shared with you guys below). I used to think that pushes were disgusting holes in the walls with no decor or feng shui. I was wrong, these little sex motels are kinda set up nice and offer many fun surprises.. once again check the video below to see the nice sex chair they set up with all the fun positions and the book where you can order anything from hot food to alcohol to condoms to viagra to edible undies!!!

Inconspicuousness is the name of the game with these hotels. That is why you drive directly in the garage and then pay from a drop box where no one sees you. Which led me to ask if they were designed to facilitate infidelity. You walk through a door and enter into the room directly from the garage. No one knows you are there. -I’m sure some freak works there and has go pros set up in weird places recording every sexual encounter, but stuff like that would only turn someone like me on more, I digress. However maybe a cam in every room might not be such a bad thing. These are extremely risky and dangerous places as well. Many people have died in these kinda of hotels, not only in Panama but in many places in Latin America


The problem with going directly from the garage to the door of your sex motel room is that it is so easy to get set up. It is a cultural underworld in Panama where a sexy woman sent by maleantes (gangstas) to seduce a man into a situation where he is trapped and usually robbed and killed. Panamanian artist Tommy Real captured this is his song Los Benjamins …that song was popular as soon as I got there and it was used to teach me that a pretty face could spell problems, if the woman is too persistent. I remember hearing about a lawyer that was stabbed to death in a push by 2 Colombian prostitutes. Then there was the aspiring reggae singer Juan José Moreno Córdoba I remember coming home from work and seeing the crime scene through the bus window on the highway. It was horrible right outside the push in Juan Diaz, near ciudad radial where I lived Moreno Córdoba was set up at a push murdered and decapitated, his head was thrown on the side of the highway in a plastic bag.

So through my research, I do conclude that Pushes, while often used for happy couples to escape the crowdedness of homes (many panamanian extended families often live together.) I also firmly believe that they facilitate infidelity because of the discrete way they are set up and run. And they are just dangerous as all hell! So if you are feeling adventurous, maybe try them out but keep your guard up is all I have to say….and for now I bid you adieu….Hasta luego frencitos!

don’t forget to check the vid below, its rather entertaining

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