Stay in Beautiful Caribbean Costa Rica for Only $35 A night

This is a budgeter’s dream. I mean, C’mon you can’t even fill up your tank for 35$, let alone stay in such a beautifully positioned loft cabin, over looking the Caribbean sea and with the backdrop of lush rainforest. Now, if you are avid readers of the blog you all may recall that I did a post on the Lazy Mon at Stanford’s sports bar in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I talked about the shows and Open mics that they have. I only briefly talked about the Lazy loft cabins upstairs. The private rooms are incredible!!! The bed is large and comfortable, and the sound of the waves crashing back and forth is so soothing and relaxing. Ok so there is no television, but you are in one of the most beautiful spots on God’s green earth, so why the hell do you need one. Mind you, this video was shot at six in the morning right after dawn, that is why the streets are empty. I paid about 390 dollars for a round trip flight from La Guardia Airport in NY. So factor that in with the nightly cost, and you have yourself a very enjoyable vacay that wont break the bank. Bless, and peace be with you my friends.

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2 thoughts on “Stay in Beautiful Caribbean Costa Rica for Only $35 A night

  1. Suzi Metzner

    We stayed down the road at my cousins Cantina called Tasty Waves. Which of course was free. But I didn’t know you could stay at Lazy Mon, We hung out there a few times.. That might be someplace I would like to stay next time. So we wont have to put the boys out 🙂

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