Separated from her family at the age of 5 to work as a maid in perpetual slavery, Josefina Serra is now a lawyer in the nation’s capital

This story is so intriguing to me. I am involved in this woman’s Facebook group, and even chat with her from time to time. Not once did I ever ask her about her life story. Here I am cruising one of my favorite blogs, “Black Women of Brazil” and I see an all out write-up on her and the hardships that she suffered growing up, being snatched from her family and working as a servant. It goes to show, you never know someone’s story until you know it. Very inspirational, and full of hope, that if you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve and overcome!!!!

Black Women of Brazil

Josefina Serra 6

Note from BW of Brazil: The following story of struggle in the life of an Afro-Brazilian woman is very common. It’s always great to see when people overcome what appear to be insurmountable odds and reach the light at the end of the tunnel (see related articles below). This is not always the case. But Josefina Serra’s story of working as a maid in perpetual slavery at a young age, humiliating experiences with racism and the attitude that as a black girl she would never amount to anything (besides a domestic or dancer) is pretty much an accepted ideology in Brazil. But like thousands of Afro-Brazilians who have recently graduated from college and attained their dreams, Josefina’s story is yet another example of what people can do when given the opportunity. 

Pain, prejudice and overcoming

by Victor Martins, Bárbara Nascimento and Maíra Streit

A quilombola, woman and…

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