For The Field (Negros Americanos benefit show)


so i believe it was about 2006 when my partner in rhyme- (and also fellow blog contributor with riveting posts such as “How far would you travel for love” and “whats crawling on my face“)-mc enigma decided to start a book scholarship. This, of course is years before Negros Americanos was even thought of, but it just shows the type of philanthropic ways of this brotha even before we really had much. Realizing how expensive it is to buy books in college, he would pay for the scholarship out of his own pocket. Fast forward some years, we have graduated from university, and worked several odd jobs. We moved to Panama, traveled to a couple different places, and came back in 2012 as Negros Americanos...A bilingual group that make music for different groups of people, in a style that has never quite been seen. Its only right that we throw a show that’s so purpose is to fund this scholarship, and help to ease the anxiety and stress that already comes with the college life. Trust me, been there done that. I say this all to say-IF by any chance you find yourself in the Plainfield/Newark NJ area on the 24th day of April, come through and show some support for Negros Americanos, the youth and a the prospect for a better thriving community..AND IF you so happen to not be in the area it will be filmed and uploaded onto youtube…BLESS



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