After Armageddon- How to survive

Yes Yes, I know this is a travel blog! But the story does take place in LA if that makes a difference. In all seriousness, most people know that I am involved in the schools in Plainfield New Jersey. I often show this program, which aired on the history channel “After Armageddon” to my students…This movie/documentary is about a fictional pandemic that could very well happen in our world. To me things like this need to be taught in schools–

The Plague of Justinian which lasted for more than 2 centuries in waves from about 541 to 750 was the first outbreak of the plague recorded in history. At it’s height this pandemic killed up to 1/4 of the known world’s population. The Black Death in the 14th century is estimated to have killed more than 75 million people. The spanish flu of 1918 was an especially cruel pandemic, and one more indicative of what could come. First off, it is the Spanish Flu that ties this post to my last post on El Ratoncito Pérez. The King of Spain during this time fell ill to the disease but survived. Because moral for the war was to be kept during The first world war, the media outlets focussed on Spain, which was neutral in the war, the spanish king’s becoming ill-giving this plague the nickname of Spanish Flu.

The point is, with the Spanish Flu there was no part of the globe that wasn’t touched. The President of Brasil during this time-Rodrigues Alves died from the disease before he could start his second term, Tafari Makonnen, Haile Selassie before emperorship fell ill to the disease, but did not die from it. It is scary because, we are so much more connected now. If a virus that powerful is to re appear, we are going to be in some seeeeerious trouble. And there are situations that can be prevented if people would learn to survive, as I have been trying to. Programs like this help a lot, as there is acting but real experts telling you what to do in certain situations. Something good to watch…Bless!

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