A tale of Two Cities: Race Poverty and Wealth in Colombia



Some people have the belief that when a country, or city for that matter become more wealthy it benefits a large portion of the population.  A belief that money will somehow trickle down into the more marginalized segments of society.  Now there are some Utopian places that exist out there I’m sure, but I am just personally not familiar with this happening.  In many of the countries that we are trained to call third world, there is some form of economic growth, but it never touches the people.  In the case of Cartagena, Colombia(one of Colombia’s biggest tourist pulls)-Unesco (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared the city a world Heritage site.  This made tourism boom in the city at the rate of a 10% increase from 2012, but mostly in the Colonial Walled City.


“They don’t really see the Cartagena that is out there struggling-The Cartagena that they see is only about 25%”-Alex Rocha.   Remember Alex Rocha from an interview that I did with him a while back.  CCTV America did a Special on Cartagena called A tale of Two Cities.   He talks about how even events and festivals that take place in the Colonial Walled City are not extended to the local residents of the city, and how they were never educated to even want to take part of the goings-ons on that part of town.  This new understanding that I have of Cartagena acts as an interesting example of what happens when a place experiences a large boom in tourism.  It doesn’t trickle down to the poorer people that live in these cities.  With this huge boom that Cartagena has seen , a larger portion of the population-more than 2/3rd is facing extreme poverty, some people surviving off of about 2 dollars every day and many of the people bin these neighborhoods are Black, and the tourism money has even worsened their plight due to gentrification.

TO WATCH the short CCTV America special click the link below


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2 thoughts on “A tale of Two Cities: Race Poverty and Wealth in Colombia

  1. Very sad indeed. The same thing is happening in the US of A currently. It’s happening in Brooklyn NY.

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