Carnaval may be over in 80% black Salvador, but apartheid remains the rule

Very informative post by one of my favorite blogs “Black Women of Brazil”. I never knew that the Carnaval in Salvador, Bahia Brazil went this way. An interesting display of racial hierarchy in a an city of eighty percent Afro Brazilians. Great read!!!!!

Black Women of Brazil

Apartheid in Salvador's Carnaval: blacks hold the ropes that protect the white VIP sections Apartheid in Salvador’s Carnaval: blacks hold the ropes that protect the white VIP sections

Note from BW of Brazil: Yes, the Carnaval season has once again come and gone in Brazil. And while the party will no doubt continue its image of the greatest party on Earth, one can’t help but notice a glaringly obvious example of racial politics in the city known as “Roma Negra” or Black Rome. Although the term apartheid is usually associated with a period of legally sanctioned racial separation in South Africa, in one of Brazil’s blackest states and the center of its vibrant black culture, this time of year is perhaps the most visible example of how white domination of a black majority is a rule in most areas of influence in the city and the state of Bahia as a whole (and arguably Brazil as a whole). Need proof?…

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