Poor Musicians Are Innovators!!


I Ran into this interesting individual at Parque Vargas in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica.  I was intrigued by his  contraption and had to converse with him.  I see an engineer here, A true craftsman if you will.  While many will ostracize people like this from society, these are the types that I cram to understand and learn from.


First off, it appears that he is wearing  a Toga of sorts with a chain, all of which he put together himself.  But just take a better gaze at his homemade guitar!  There is an old record at the bottom, while the body appears to be the  back of a wooden chair.  Look at the way he has it strung up and  strapped to his person.  It shows a level of creativity that can only be manifested through poverty.  A Tica that I spoke to about him thinks that from first glance everyone can see he is a Stoneman or Piedrero .   But maybe it is because I am a Northern boy that I just cant see it.  He commands respect, he is majestic.  I would hang with this guy any day, we would  talk about life and injustices in the black community.  Check the video below to see 30 seconds I shot of him playing his guitar in Parque Vargas.

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2 thoughts on “Poor Musicians Are Innovators!!

  1. dulldagger

    Reblogged this on Negros Americanos.

  2. Shanina

    That’s my uncle thank you….. nice!!!!

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