Social chaos: A recent history of Brazil in three violent acts

In the preparation of the Copa Mundial, The whole world is waiting to come to Brazil and take part in the festivities!!! shit even me! But the way that these incidences are being swept under the rug to paint a more friendly picture of Brazil is sickening to me….

“it doesn’t seem that these types of senseless crimes, or equally criminal police actions, will cease any time soon. But who cares, right? Like the great Pelé said last month, -“we should all just focus on the World Cup because Brazilians will “ruin the party.” So good to know that “The King” of soccer thinks that the preparation for the Cup, which costs more than the two previous combined, is so important with such serious social issues at hand!

Black Women of Brazil

Three shocking incidents: one week Three shocking incidents: one week

Note from BW of Brazil: This June all eyes will be on Brazil with the beginning of the 2014 World Cup. But until then, a number of incidents have been earning the world’s attention for completely different reasons. The incidents show a Brazil that continues to display signs of social chaos. One incident in which a boy was beaten, stripped naked and tied to post has been covered thoroughly on this blog. The other two also attracted international headlines. The most recent involved a cameraman of a major television network being hit with fireworks as he recorded images of a clash between police and protesters against the increase in bus fare price in Rio

The first incident, from January 23rd, shocked the world as an assassination was caught on video in broad daylight. The shooter and the victim, both having criminal records,  are…

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