Quilombo (Full Movie) And thoughts from yours truly!

So most people that know me know that I am on an accelerated track for learning Portuguese. I also mentioned in a previous post that it is my intention to expand Negros Americanos to the Lusophone world, to add to the english and spanish speaking populations we have access to. In doing so, part of my duty as a self taught pupil is to watch and listen to every movie, show or song in this language. I have a love-hate relationship with youtube and its ability to show full movies. While I believe these films should be supported financially, I also see that the message could reach so many more people in todays society of fast video access.

Now I had heard about this movie much earlier in my life, but back then I was more trapped in Babylon and the happenings of the Quilombo, Palenque, and Maroon communities in the caribbean and South America meant nothing to me. Runaway slaves in this area of Bahia, Brazil known as Palmares banned together and created successful societies, where the Yoruba derived religion of Condomblé and the military might of Capoerista warriors reigned. Watching this movie also gives me new black heroes far stretching beyond American borders. Ganga Zumba is now my idol! Now as a grown man with the experiences that I have had, I cherish this kind of information and now often fantasize about my life being lived in a situation like a Quilombo.

Its very well known that slavery in the US colonies was much different than South America and the caribbean. There were many more “American” born slaves in the colonies, as opposed to the constant importation of new Africans to be slaves that was seen in many other parts of the new world. Also there was a very high number of white settlement in North America and the threat of recapture was very real. There were fugitives lave settlements in the swampy coastal areas of South Carolina, florida and Virginia.

Im defintely not an expert, although I did do my college thesis paper on the era of ‘Reconstruction’. Im just a guy that is learning a language, and like to watch international movies and see black people in self sustaining living situations. It swells me with pride and dignity.

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2 thoughts on “Quilombo (Full Movie) And thoughts from yours truly!

  1. Thanks for the follow. Here in Mexico the internet is goes in and out. Will be back to have a read when I can.

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