Explore the Health Benefits of Drinking Sugar Cane Juice!


Are you aware of the healing properties of sugar cane juice? Unless you or your parents immigrated to this country you may not be.  First and foremost, Juice from the sugar cane is absolutely delicious.  The sugar cane is packed with ingredients that any health smoothie or energy drink would be jealous of, and because it is sugar unrefined it can be enjoyed by diabetics.  I decided to write this post to raise awareness about the beauty of drinking natural juices like that of Sugar Cane.


My introduction to sugar cane juice came when we were living in Panama.  I remember riding around in the back of a taxi and the driver, who lived in the neighborhood, pointed and asked-“ustedes ya han probado eso?”(have y’all tried that yet).  Of course in my limited spanish at the time I didn’t know what he was saying, but I could tell by his gestures there was something about that man on the corner with the contraption and the stalks of sugar cane.  We exited the vehicle and walked over.  The the dark greenness of the cup prevented me from being enthusiastic about drinking this new beverage.  After a while I decided to be a man and rapidly gulped it, thinking it would taste bad.  The taste was incredible!!!!  I found another guy when I moved into my x’s building that sold sugar cane juice right outside the complex. It was great because now I got to experience this magnificent super drink everyday.  I  then began to notice some of its unique properties.


I was going to sit here and list all of the scientific jargon that is associated with the healing abilities of sugar cane juice but uhhhhh….   BORING….instead I will just put a link to a site thats willing to do that lol CLICK HERE (to see health benefits).  But I will say that I definitely noticed a change in my energy and over all well being by drinking this drink about 3 times a week.  It made me think that I could bottle it and take it back to the states, although I quickly realized that couldn’t happen.  Back in 2011 while we were still living in Panama, I went home to the states to visit.  While I was gone, mc enigma thought it was a good idea to bring a large amount of sugar cane juice to an office party at the job.  He printed out that exact website that i linked earlier in the paragraph and told everyone there that instead of bringing soda and chips like everyone else, he actually bought something nutritious.  The problem was that he ran out of money for a bus or a cab, and in order to get to the job from the area where the sugar cane man was, he had to walk in the stifling 100 degree heat for about 1 1/2 hours. After a day of drinking it everyone at the job caught the runs….”I’m pissing out of my anus, over here,” said one of our co-workers, complaining to mc enigma about the sickness that he in fact had caused. After that amount of time in the heat , not only does sugar cane juice lose all its nutritional value, but actually begins to curdle (I hope I’m using the word right) -if not, something happens scientifically that I cant quite explain that renders it undrinkable lol. Which means that it is hard to duplicate it an put it in a bottle.

Check the video below for a video interview that I did through Plainfieldview.com about a restaurant that serves sugar cane juice right here in Central Jersey.

So basically, if you want to enjoy sugar cane juice the way that it was meant to be enjoyed you have to find a place near you that can extract it from the stalk very fast, and drink it immediately.  I live in the Union County, NJ area, and because of my lust for exploring the world through cuisine, I was thrusted into the Baba Ghanoush BBQ restaurant on 1324 South Avenue in Plainfield, NJ.  I noticed that in there, was a machine for making sugar cane juice.  MY GOD!!! The nostalgia that I felt after nearly a year and a half of being back from living in Panama.   The owner Muhammed Mousa is from Egypt and has been living in Plainfield for the last 25 years.  He decided to bring over the sugar cane machine from his Alexandria, Egypt (Baba Ghanoush BBQ location.  I found that in Egypt you can find sugar cane juice on almost every corner, it is very popular!   mc enigma and I have been coming in there almost every day, and with Plainfieldview.com we decided to interview them and let people know just how healthy this drink is, and that is now available right here in Central Jersey!!!

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3 thoughts on “Explore the Health Benefits of Drinking Sugar Cane Juice!

  1. Great story! I’ve never had sugar cane juice, but when I was in Peru, I saw a few street vendors with stalks of sugar cane. Now, I think the next time I see some wherever I travel that I’ll try it. It seems to have some great health benefits, and I love that. Awesome interview, too!

  2. You’re welcome. Going to Peru was a good experience for me. It was my first time to go to South America. It’s very colorful and the people are great. I made some very dear friends while there who I plan to return to see one of these days. I was in Arequipa, “The White City”, where it’s a combination of traditional and modern life. I enjoyed the weather, sunny and dry almost 300 days a year. I didn’t try any cuy, but there are many restaurants dedicated to it, at least in Arequipa. I saw a couple of the little guys in the local grocery store frozen section and at an outdoor market where you could take your pick of the live cuddly cuties. I did try ceviche twice in Peru and once in Chile. Lol…Funnily, my favorite food from there ended up being the “Mexican” soft tacos from a local street vendor near my apartment. 🙂

    Are you planning to return to South America?

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