Is Brazil A Racial Democracy?

I want to start off by saying that I have never been to Brazil (that will change soon though). Like this brother Dr. Henry Louis Gates, I have always dreamed and fantasized about Brazil. Many Black folk from the United States would be surprised to find that the country of Brazil has a much higher black population. It is in-fact the blackest country outside of Nigeria! The reason that there are so many black people in Brazil, according to this documentary, is that the Portuguese controlled many of the Slave routes. The journey from most ports in West Africa to Brazil was usually shorter, than if the ships were to travel to the Caribbean and later up to the States. Also, because the Portuguese had such easy access to slaves, the African slave was treated a lot worse materially than the North American counterpart, thus creating a need for constant replacing. With all this said, we realize that many places in Brazil are very black, but is it a racial democracy?? What does that even mean? Brazil has never had a civil rights movement and proudly boasts its racial mixing. It is said that it is a class based society, and not a race based society, but lets look at who is at the top of the totem pole of wealth in this country! Is financial upward mobility as easily attained as that of white Brazilians?

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