The Theodore Gallery: Turn your art into a business


I don’t just talk about travel and travel related exploits on the blog,  I also highlight individuals and issues that interest me.  In this post I will be examining Justin Butler, a very multifaceted associate of mine.  This brother is a gifted  film student and photographer at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  Click here to see an example of some of his work.  However, What is becoming all the rave with this guy are his table designs!

Realizing that he wasn’t  finding summer jobs that paid decent when he came home from school during break, he decided to give something different a try.  He makes tables in different shapes, for example the Africa shaped table that we see above, he also has tables in the shape of the United States.  I have seen his tables first hand, and am very impressed with the sturdiness and individual craftsmanship.  What I am more impressed with is the ability to find a market, and having the balls to put the work in, and get the product out.  Those are the types of qualities that usually make me want to write about an artist.  To hear from Justin’s own mouth about his products, story and what it is he does click the video below


Also, If you are interested in browsing this talented young brotha’s products please feel free to click this lower link to his online store

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