Underground Panamanian Hip Hop


I really like this song and the visual as well.  The neighborhood that he filmed a majority of the video is where I lived in Panama.  I talked about this area in the enticing growl of the cougar post.  Its wonderful because it  gives me a chance to show true Panamanian hip hop, true hip hop Latino. Many times when I tell people that I make spanish hip hop, they think that I am a reggeton artist.  Nothing against Reggeton, Dembow or any of its cultural significance, but it is Important to show the people that there is also spanish hip hop.  A hip hop that is very pure and still underground.  Peace to Orgen, I met that brotha as well as solid artists like Rebel Mike, Mc Toco, Cosho Man, P.O.C  FM crew and many more during our stay on the isthmus.  Also special shout to DJ Rhythm X, one of the best Djs I know period (he is also a bboy).  We did a lot of work with him on our rounds trough the Panamanian hip hop circuit.  He was instrumental in spinning Negros Americanos records in clubs in the scene and his latest blend is a collection of 36 songs from rappers prominent in the Panamanian underground world.  Thanks to that brotha Negros Americanos is on 2 of those songs the link for that mix is below.

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