What is Wedding Rap?

Wedding Rap, I do believe that Negros Americanos could be the creators of the term. I can be a tad hopey-dreamy at times, and I do believe in the prospects of marriage. That one day I would be able to enjoy those feelings of togetherness and warmth with another human being in that manner. The bride came to me, knowing that I was a writer and could make a song practically out of anything, and asked me if I could write a song for them. She told me that she wanted me to sing it at the wedding. I thought it was strange, a rap song at a wedding!-but now it clearly makes sense. So many younger hip hop generation couples are taking a crack at marriage. I figure, whats better than having their own custom song created and performed for them and their guests. I want Negros Americanos to be something thought about, when it comes to providing the live entertainment for the big day!!!

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