Its Carnaval Time in Costa Rica!!!!

Negros Americanos in Puerto Limon Carnavales

Negros Americanos in Puerto Limon Carnavales

Carnaval is usually a strange time in most countries that participate in these experiences.  Most of the rituals have some sort of historical significance.  I am not going to sit here and say that I know the origins of any of the goings on around me. But I must admit it was quite enjoyable.  Now this was not the first carnaval that I have been to.  We participated in Panama’s carnaval, which existed in different places throughout the city and was amazing and a colorful.

Negros Americanos in Carnavales Puerto Limon

Negros Americanos in Carnavales Puerto Limon

The Puerto Limon Carnaval was so different.  Puerto Limon is a small city on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and home to an Afro-Caribbean Costa Rican population.  Many of the black people there speak english as a result of immigration from the Caribbean Islands in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Immigrants went to Costa Rica to work on the banana plantations, turtle fishing  and constructing railroads.  Many stayed in Costa Rica and bought a long with them a Caribbean way of life in regards to music, dance, food, language and celebrations. The Carnaval lasts all week, starting with with what they call “los payasos” -clowns it seems like local youth run around in strange costumes after a loud song goes off…hitting people and running again.  The atmosphere is very exciting and extremely colorful in the backdrop of this Caribbean Central American city.


I did experience a fantastic first there! I ate my first turtle egg!  Now thats not necessarily a good thing.  Whatever turtle it was probably was some sort of threatened sea turtle.  The eggs were boiled in some sort of spicy sauce and kept hot in a portable cooler as the very pleasant individual screamed “huevos de tortuga!” I said to myself, this probably isn’t right, but I have to try it, just to tell my future children that daddy tried that.



I had one of the funnest experience with the local people in Puerto Limon Costa Rica! You see this is the way that Negros Americanos likes to travel.  We don’t rock with the tourist happenings, we get down with the people of in area unil we are in their element.  It is doing that, that we are able to show the world how these places tick.  Giving a different voice to a lot of the negative things that you may hear about Puerto Limon in a lot of Costa Rican information videos and travel blogs.  This city is very safe, and their festivities are filled with riveting good times!!! Bless, I leave you with an original video that Negros Americanos took during our last time at Carnaval! It is very short and shows some of the festivities

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5 thoughts on “Its Carnaval Time in Costa Rica!!!!

  1. Osage Dior

    Wonderful…I really enjoyed watching this video…it re-invigorated me…I need to get out of America! Hopefully I will have that opportunity when I go to South Africa this summer…I am very happy you get to travel so…I also liked the background music, it reminded me of a Vybz Kartel song called Virginity…:

  2. ooo wow…first off thanx very much for the comment….as also if you do make it to South Africa I will reblog everything you write about it!

  3. Seeing this just warmed my heart, and made me really homesick! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog, feel like I’m being introduced to a whole new world!

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