My Manz: Plainfield, NJ We Have A Movie Coming!

The trailer that you see above is from a movie called Kinyarwanda about the Rwandan Genocide! It came out in 2011 and won a Sundance Award. The Director Alrick Brown actually gave us a copy of the movie himself. He is from Plainfield, NJ The hometown of Parliament Funkadelic, Pam from the rnb group Total, apparently John McClane-Bruce Willis’s character from Die Hard and Negros Americanos. He teamed up with best selling author J.M Benjamin-also of Plainfield New Jersey who wrote the novel My Manz n ‘em.  The movie “My Manz” will be based on this novel. The trailer used above has nothing to do with the movie i am talking about.  It was just used to show the supreme quality that this filmmaker is working with.  This is Our Town. Our story.  Our Turn-Plainfield, NJ, We have to rally behind this movie.  Its gonna be a big production, with Jamie Hector-Marlow from “the wire” and Jasmine Guy-Whitley from “different world” will be staring in the movie about Plainfield, NJ, we are on the map.. this coming of age story straight from the elmwood gardens projects. Support this movie. Its gonna be actioned pack true story of glorious ghetto misery triumph and conquest. This will be a million dollar movie …but first a certain amount is needed to pitch to investors….click the link below thats the kickstarter…listen to what these brothaz have to say, change your life and choose your hustle BLeSS!


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2 thoughts on “My Manz: Plainfield, NJ We Have A Movie Coming!

  1. Black girl, Latin World


  2. thanks so much Black girl, Latin World!!!!

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