Sometimes you Have to do it yourself!

Once again we take a pause in your regularly scheduled programming to bring you an update…So, Negros Americanos has now completed 200 live shows since our return from Panama in the early months of 2012. We really hit the ground running! The issue has been with people who say no and shut doors without ever even hearing the music or opening an email with our website. We got so many non responses from venues and organizations where-for what we represent, we fit in perfectly. For instance there was a positive show that we actually performed at, only after countless bugging and stalking-in a sense.  We felt so accomplished, only to be followed by a group of talentless riff raff singing “Molly all in my Champagne!” Did they put in that same amount of work? Did they hunt these people down and display portfolios like we did? who knows- I say this to say that relying on promoters and such to cradle your future like a new born is preposturous! So for our 200th show, we say no more! no màs! Nao mais!……….Shit after 200 shows we have made a bit of an impact…We have a base…so we can just do it ourselves. The trick is-build a base. And nowadays, you aint gonna build no damn base singing “Molly all in my Champagne”. When people care enough about you they will pay to see you. Now our first show-The Supreme Blackout- was in Brooklyn! at Nicholas Brooklyn. That is a golden area where people still like to come out and have fun. The turnout was moderate but the hype was lovely, and we will continue to build off of it with another in Brooklyn with Silent Knight on the 25th of October. Soon you will see Negros Americanos in a village near you!

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