Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt: The sad effort to hide our African Roots.

I love this….these are my sentiments exactly……I would love to meet you Andre!!!

Andre Veloz's Blog

Initially I was actually thinking about writing about Dominican music rhythms, specifically about Gaga… I will owe you that Blog on Gaga. Why?? I got infuriated; I got angry on how hypocritical my beloved compatriots are being by denying that we are part África y que todos los Dominicanos tenemos el Negro detrás de la oreja.

This is what happened: In order to write a coherent Blog part of my homework includes visiting Dominican websites, specially those government funded so that I could what do they tell the world about our cultural makeup and our musical patrimony. Now, when it came to Folkloric music all I found out and all I could noticed is the restless effort of some Dominican to “blanquear” or whiten our musical and cultural manifestations. My God, your Quisqueyanos are still in great denial of our African heritage!?

As a matter of fact, in the FUNGLODE…

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