Brooklyn Will Experience A Blackout on September 20th

Brooklyn Will Experience A Blackout on September 20th

Lets say that you have heard of the group Negros Americanos. That is cool and all, but do you know our struggle? Do you know that we moved back to the states early 2012 after that year living in Panama. We have been putting in so much work it is ridiculous! Later in the chronological order of my posts I will get into the struggle of trying to book shows and get some damn respect up here in the states upon our return, this is just the short version. When we came back from Panama we started doing a lot of open mics and people were really into us. In a very Mike Tyson sort of way it was like…Whoa! who are those young knock out kids! lol no but in all seriousness from one show we got 2, and from those 2 we got 4 and it would continue to spread. We kept pretty busy the year of 2012. Many of which were not paid shows, rather an opportunity to display our talent in front of an audience and turn a new person on to the Negros Americanos experience. We would talk about this every night in Panama when we met up at the mc enigma’s apartment and studio and map out this Journey. We knew that we would rise, because what we were training for down there was so different and next level. There were no rule books, no blogs to read to keep safe because it had never been done quite how we did it. Now, here we are winding down 2013, and it has been a hell of a journey! We are now on our 200th show and it is the one that I am looking forward to the most! Over that span of time we came across countless rappers, poets, singers and musicians. Many people that we encountered had a lot of talent. We chose the 6 other individuals that we thought were extremely talented to put this show together. It was named The Supreme Blackout by mc enigma as a play on words related to the names of the other artists. There is Blak Orfan a dynamic hip hop duo out of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Danielle Watson or (Dani Dai Watson) is a Neo Soul/folk/reggae singer out Birmingham, Alabama/Maryland living up in Harlem following her dreams. She plays the guitar and her voice is smooth and song writing capabilities are out of this world. Dread Blaq is another extremely talented mc, who’s singing and song writing skills are next level. She can also play the violin! When we first saw MC Elijah Black we were headed out of the club, his flow and deliver made us turn around and stay until the end of his set. and Deshawn supreme we saw rock one night and I was in complete awe of the energy he displayed as he grab the mic, he almost made me start to tuck lyrical chain in.  Deciding to house the show at Nicholas Brooklyn is almost like a homecoming. We love Nicholas! It is a black owned store downtown Brooklyn, where you can get your Shea Butter and your incense. You can also buy clothes there, flags books and they always have excellent events at Nicholas-670 Fulton Ave. BK, NY The Show will be on September 20th starting at 9 PM and you get all this for 10 dollars. See you there

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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Will Experience A Blackout on September 20th

  1. Ingrid Jordan

    Love it wish I could make it.

  2. AAAW TIA!!! you will be there in Spirit!!!

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