I heart Pole Dancers!

So it’s like this, mc enigma and I had the great pleasure of meeting the two lovely pole dancers you see in this intimate performance at a show we had in Montclair, NJ at the Adinkra House. They were in their civilian attire at the time, and it wasn’t until we ran into them again at a showcase at the Center stage cuts barbershop in Newark, NJ which is actually a large barber shop with a stage for performances (great idea), that these lovely ladies told us that they were indeed pole dancers and expressed interest in collaborating on their recital in July. I didn’t quite know anything about pole dancing, or its community, I was ignorant so to speak. I thought it was stripping and that had nothing to do with the Negros Americanos brand. What I found however, was that the pole dance world is one of exercise hard work perspiration and dedication. Actually all the things that make up Negros Americanos. Yes there are sexual and sexy elements, but its is more of an athletic art to me and it is beautiful dagnabit! So these lovely ladies attend Alter Ego Pole Fitness and Wellness Studio In Newark NJ. They bought us up there and we agreed to do the show. The video that you see before you is the result

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2 thoughts on “I heart Pole Dancers!

  1. AL

    Damn Bishop, you might have gotten her pregnant on stage…LOL

  2. i don’t quite think that happened my good brotha

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