The Real World (Panama City)

Is this how you would opt to travel? forfeiting the comfortable luxuries of a hotel, or even a beachfront hostel, only to spend more than 10 months living in a decrepit project building filled with asbestos, prostitutes, drug dealing infants, and murderous thugs. This 2 minute video highlights those months living in that building with my x-girlfriend, the lovely woman that you see throughout the episode. It also features a song that I did in Spanish called ‘Soy Tu Dueño’ (I am your Master)….That woman is actually responsible for me learning spanish, as she didn’t speak english. We stayed up every night late talking about life and past experiences….Blessings people….enjoy

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3 thoughts on “The Real World (Panama City)

  1. Listened to yall on BondFire Radio.. and I gotta say, I’m super proud of yall. I last saw yall when I performed at the Grizzly Pear in the village last year..
    and yall were just tellin me that you were about to dip out to Panama.. SUPER DOPE YALL!!!!

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