Lost in the wilderness (the real Panama City)

The Diablo Rojo (Red Devil) was the main source of transportation in Panama City until it started to get phased out by the more modern Metrobus, which, while much more environmentally friendly, are a lot more boring to look at. Also, one cannot ignorantly blast reggaeton music while riding on Metrobus. Where else can you get anywhere in a major metropolitan city for only one quarter.

I never thought when I made my decision along with mc enigma to move to Panama, that I would end up living in the projects. Maybe because in the states I didn’t even live in the projects, I am from Plainfield, NJ, which is a rough place but no where near the pockets of poverty that I saw while living in this decrepit condemned apartment building…You’ll see!

So, I had my very own balcony and I would meditate out there as I thought about life and what people were doing back in the states. I spent so much time writing music and putting the pieces together about how mc enigma and I would take over the world country by country. That amount of poverty was my motivation for success.  The amount of robberies murders and kidnaps that I witeness living in this type of atmosphere all had a profound effect on my psyche and mental development.

The youth that lived in the building that I lived in, and the other one across the way that you see in front of you, had a very strange culture. They were almost like monkeys in regard to transportation from one part of the building to another. It also helped them to evade law enforcement. And in regards to communication no one had cell phones, they just screamed each other’s names in a feat that I had no idea the human voice could achieve! YE-YO!!!

Just another example of what I’m trying to illustrate

the thing that really bothered me most about living(besides the heartless gangsters that I called my neighbors) here is that there is no roof so when it rains……It rains…..(inside) that always sucked, and trust me it rains a lot

Why what an attractive individual. Thats me blocking the doorway with my stunning physique, actually Im quite the small fry but I was able to assimilate in a building full of murderous gangsters because of my rough around the edges look. I’m a nature walks kind of guy, but the ice grills I would give could have frozen time

Who are the Congo of panama? Why do they Paint their faces black and adorn themselves with decked out crowns and jewelry? what does it all represent? What is their annual Devil dance really about? These are all things that I was determined to find out. All part of the reasons that I was in Panama, to really understand the customs and practices of the real people, through day to day personal interaction and conversation.

Panama is great for when you want something done, all you have to do is shell out a little extra money and you can have all of the luxuries you need…..That disheveled contraption that I have back there is a $40 television that I brought from the local extra supermarket. I paid a guy that worked for a cable company $30 to hook me up with free cable. This used to go down in the States, but now with everything being so digitized it is hard to make moves like that…But here we are, with free cable 80 channels, with a tv sitting on top of it’s box, that sits atop a dirty clothes hamper

Ahh, the city and all of it’s spoils, there were millionaires who lived in that area, the Donald trump building is in the shape of a D…form the angle that this picture is taken its a backwards D nears the right, None of that money made its way down to where I lived.

This is what your average Panamanian projects looks like

Hot contrrrrrrrrol!!! Performances by all the top Panamanian artist of 2011 such as Mr. Saik, El Unico Loco (Choque Choque) Commando Tiburón, Freddy Sky hasta mas. This was a free outdoor concert during carnival.

more from hot contrrrrrrrrol, things get weird during carnavales….lol that’s an every country thing

This picture was taken in Barrio Nueva Concepción the first neighborhood that I lived in when I was in Panamá, and honestly one of the places I really feel home at when I’m in that country. Carnaval in Panama, like many other Caribbean nations is really a time to do the wild things that you always wanted to do without judgement. This is how they do it in Nueva Concepción down by la Guatemala!

One of the first days that we came to Nueva Concepción, Panamá (mc enigma y yo)

Another thing I love about Panama is there willingness to Strike and protest injustice at the drop of a dime!

The beautiful view of of la ciudad from cerro anton (Anton Hill)

where one side of Ancon Hill boasts million dollar luxury condos and large business hubs, the other side boasts a blend of poverty and desperation that many have never quite seen before or imagined

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10 thoughts on “Lost in the wilderness (the real Panama City)



  2. Cecelia Baskerville

    Thank you very much for the tour…I enjoyed it immensely…social studies…geography….mini documentary…add 25 more minutes…and you can make some cash…THanks for Sharing!

  3. Wow, you’re describing so many developing countries. I can relate to paying someone to hook you up — for whatever. Here, it’s electricity, water, etc. People on the grid pay for those who aren’t. And demonstrations – they happen a lot here. People make noise, and rightfully so, about bad roads, I’m talking potholes, craters, etc., police killings, you name it. Such a different place than what the tourist sees. Kudos to you for wanting to see the real Panama. So why do they paint their faces?

    • you would love Panama, it’s very similar to Jamaica!…..The Panamanian people are descendants of Jamaica and other islands , they came over to build the canal. I have returned to the states several months ago :(, i lived there a little longer than a full year. Since my return I visited Panama one last time for a show that the Panamanians in the group put together. Mostly I have been going back an forth to Limon Costa Rica, now that is where my heart is at

  4. *Yoles*

    i loved the pictures… you never said whether you ended up teaching someplace else or not… i look forward to following your journey and seeing your views on what can mend the rift between Latinos and American Blacks…

  5. Loved your pictures and stories. I’ve done some traveling but not much in Central America. I think I need to look into it more seriously.

  6. Layli Brown

    “…awakened and made me conscious…given me a seeing eye and favored me with a hearing ear… ” Yeah, seek the truth for the mere pleasure of Knowing. I appretiate your work. Yessss. 🙂

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