Biking in South Caribbean Costa Rica

jungle views beach signs

Words can’t quite express the feeling of freedom that I experience when I enter  this area of the world.  The Limón province in my humble opinion is one of the world’s great slices of nature.. Such a hidden hotbed of flora and fauna, from humungous spiders to howler monkeys, colorful frogs, sloths, hawks and eagles, coati, ocelots and what have you.  The jungle disappears into the sea in such a way there that it is often hard for words to describe.  I often find myself in awe of the jungle sounds and the sound of the water as they meet.  I decided to rent a bike and head to the sleepy town of Manzanillo, a few miles down the road from Puerto Viejo, where I normally stay.  Manzanillo is very small and doesnt have the touristy back pack vibe that Puerto Viejo has began to develop in the last few years with hostels popping up everywhere.

spiders jungleme goatnaestrad  coolncalm  drink food copy

The main road takes you directly to Manzanillo, and even further down to the Sixaola Border with Panama.  There is one long road, and at times can get a tad dangerous with all the cars in the street, but if you stay aware you should be quite alright.  Because of the humidity on a good many of days-you will sweat a lot, thus making it more appealing to those looking at it from a from a fitness perspective.  It felt like it took forever to get to Manzanillo on bike but it was well worth the wait; The views on this beach were amazing, and the privacy was priceless.  There is also the popular Maxi’s restaurant with afro caribbean food, but I ate at a place called  Cool and Calm Cafe that you can spot as soon as you bike in from town, it is another afro caribbean spot, and the food and natural shake are amazing there.  Good Reggae music, Good food, good vibes and conversation with all this beauty in the back drop is my personal heaven.  And its something that I think young couples should experience with one another- Ride your bike through the rainforest together and end up at a beautiful seemingly isolated beach…Go skinny dipping or something, then get some good caribbean food listen to reggae and ride back to your hostel or hotel or hammock by the beach.


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The African Unity Boat Cruise Is Back!!!

Negros Americanos once again will be performing on the boat, along with our lovely sistaz Blak Orfan…last year was completely marvelous, so many beautiful forward thinking, natural queens. You know what i’m all about!!! hehe. Anyway it would behoove you to be on that boat as a part of this experience. Be THeRe!NY Skyport MarinaCorner of FDR Drive & East 23rd St. Sunday, August 17, 2014 Boarding 7pm Time: 8-12am Midnight. For info for how to save money on group pay click this link right here-save some dinheiro 


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On Slum Tourism

So, I watch some of these slum tourism videos on youtube sometimes and often have to debate with myself on whether i agree with it or not.  There is the argument that funds from the tours go to building up some of these heavily visited poverty stricken areas.  That may be true, what also may indeed be fact is that it is a good way to completely understand more fully a city and country.  I get that and support it as well.  I guess what I have a problem with is just the passing through looking at other human beings as if they are animals in a zoo.  the “ooooo aaaaah” look how they live, pointing and whatnot.  It must be an interesting psychological situation to be  on foot in a favela, or a township in South Africa, or maybe somewhere in Southeast Asia.  You are placed eye to eye with some of the poorest of the poor people, but you are paying to be there, and you have the opportunity to leave while they are stuck there.


I lived in what you could classify as a slum in Panama, but that happened because of circumstance and what i thought were my best options for survival at that the time in a foreign country earning low wages.  I lived 10 months in a condemned, roofless, power stealing, mold producing, rat infested building in the neighborhood of Calidonia.  I was with a woman who I loved and respected as an equal, and all of the people that I associated with in that neighborhood were treated as equals in a real way, whether i agreed with what they did or not.  When I saw tourists come around there I got the feeling that the same respect wasnt shared.  Mainly because I could understand their english and could here the things they would say.  Always laughingly gesturing, and culturally ignorant the world is almost viewed as their oyster of entertainment.  My experiences living there and dealing with foreign tourists who didn’t know that i could understand them left a sour taste in my mouth for what could be called “slum tourism”


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Cuba Develops Four Cancer Vaccines, Ignored by the Media

Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead:

wow, after losing someone very dear to me and seeing how many other people suffer from cancer, its very odd that the US media never covered this. I would have at least liked to know it was an option. It seems like this product was first put on the market in Argentina and developed by Cuban and Argentinian scientists. Im anxious to hear more about it

Originally posted on JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba:

Source:  Cubainformacion

cimavax-vaccineThe fact that Cuba has already developed four cancer vaccines undoubtedly is big news for humanity if you bear in mind that according to the World Health Organization nearly 8 million people die from that disease every year. However, the mainstream media have completely ignored this reality.

In 2012, Cuba patented the first therapeutic vaccine in the world against advanced lung cancer, called CIMAVAX-EGF.  In January 2013, the island announced the second cancer vaccine, known as Racotumomab.

Clinical tests, carried out in 86 nations, revealed that though these vaccines do not cure the disease, they do reduce the tumors thus improving the quality and expectancy of life of the patients.

Vaccines developed by Cuba’s Molecular Immunology Centre

vidatoxThe Havana-based Molecular Immunology Center is the creator of these vaccines. The center had already developed the Meningitis-B Vaccine in 1985, one of its kind in the world. Later there…

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Negros Americanos Gives Out Scholarships!



I don’t know if you lovely readers remember the post that I wrote about the “For the Field” show that we did back in April.  This was a show that we put together at Hugo’s bar in Plainfield, NJ.  Thanks to the beautiful individuals that came out to support we were able to raise 600 dollars for the 2014 graduate going off to Universities.  So We were able to give 100 dollar book scholarships to six astute graduating seniors, which definitely makes a difference in the life of an incoming freshman.  We will continue to raise even larger amounts, to give away money to deserving recipients.  We thank all the people that come out to our shows, without you guys these types of things couldn’t happen! Bless.


mc enigma giving a speech before giving out the scholarships! He’s quite the character

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Thanks for Supporting Negros Americanos! Vol 1.

So I decided to do this post to give thanks to all the lovely individuals supporting Negros Americanos!  We couldn’t exist without you!  This is just Vol. 1, so I don’t want anyone feeling left out if their picture wasn’t uploaded here, hopefully there will benough photos to have this be an ongoing series on the blog.  We have here in this group of very beautiful people such a global mixup.  There are photos here from BrazilPanamaAustralia, Jamaica and different states in the US, from Brooklyn to New Mexico.  What is absolutely necessary, in this music industry frontier, is to have grassroots support from the people.  That even though we have no major backing, Negros Americanos is able to move such beautiful people and continue to rock stages and drop videos and build a name for ourselves, so once again we wholeheartedly appreciate that and show gratitude.

christina Janay  Maria NA Yaa NA   Taryn NA   meagan NA   IMG_3549   Paola NA  Na2  Saleema NA    Michell v talbert NA  John NA  IMG_3395  Kyrie NA  IMG_3563  Tawanna NA  eliane NA   NA laur  cheryl NAmichelleRaven NAIMG_3587

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The 2nd Annual Afro-Latino Festival is Right Around the Corner!!

afro latino festival

Last year was the First Annual Afro Latino festival in the history of New York, and I would imagine one of, if not the first in the entire country. It had to take a place like Brooklyn, A town that sweats with culture, to facilitate something like this. As well as the genius minds of Mai-Elka Prado (afro-Panameña) and Tania Molina (afro-Hondureña). These two ladies realized the importance of celebrating the beautiful and vast cultures that exist within the spectrum of Afro-Latinitad, and they deserve the full credit and respect for what they have accomplished in their still very young lives. At the first annual we were surprised that we got to perform, just because we are not actual “Afro-Latinos”, rather “African-American” or whatever it is we are calling ourselves now a days. Why the seperation? Because we were taken and distributed in different countries around the world and speak different languages? We are all black and Negros Americanos is about facilitating that togetherness.  Here you can learn about Afro Latino culture, represent your country, meet cool and interesting people, not to mention very nice looking as well.  You can eat different foods and shop from the many vendors representing different regions and cultures.

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Plainfield artist aims for Panama Residency

Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead:

wow a fellow artist from my hometown of Plainfield NJ wants to go to Panama to improve her artistry!!!! This is great, what a small world

Originally posted on Plainfield View:

In reporting on her Drake House Exhibition this past February, I wrote about Plainfield artist Indira Bailey’s travels to Morocco, South Africa, and Japan, and her intention to learn in Panama this summer. The 2012 NJ Teacher of the Year finalist has now launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her Panamanian residency. You can contribute here.

Bailey would use her time in Panana to broaden her knowledge of Afro-Latino art, style, and culture and further strengthen her familiarity with non-traditional art methodologies and customs. This residency would produce a documentary and an art exhibit. Bailey’s many students – largely African-American, Latino, West Indian, and African – would benefit, as well.
Directly from the kickstarter page, here are Indira Bailey’s intentions, in her own words.

I will learn and explore the Afro-Latin Congo and Kuna Indian Artwork, Culture & History in Panama.

The Art Teacher

Indira Bailey is…

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I think I may have a New Favorite Music Video!

So of course most people that follow me know that I have been on this “Brazilian” Portuguese learning journey. There doesn’t exist a night that I don’t go to sleep watching a Brazilian National movie or documentary, and when I run out of Brazilian options, I usually opt for a dublado (dubbed) movie. I completely gave up bumping American music out my ride, as I did two years prior when learning spanish. With that said, the Brazilian music scene is top notch and offers a wide spectrum of choices.

This song “minha alma” from O Rappa is so simple, yet so revolutionary! I can’t stop listening to it and watching the video. Here you have an uprising being started by everyday people to avenge the death of a poor child begging for money. This poor black boy was an honest panhandler, when a man, unknowingly dropped money from his wallet, the boy could have ran with it. Instead he picked it up and offered to give it to the man. Just then the boy was ambushed by the police and eventually shot and killed. It looks extreme, but Brazil is the nation where Police kill more suspects than any other place in the world! Police in Rio alone last year killed 1 person out of the 229 they arrested, in comparison with the US, who as brutal as we make it sound has a much different figure; 1 killed out of every 31,575 arrested. You can only imagine how that number as risen with the coming of the world cup in 2 days. The image of safety and progressiveness has to be upheld, and with that the favelas have been occupied like never before, and any type of strike or uprising has been violently quelled. After the boy is killed, the town uprises against the police in a violent display of comradery that really excites me and warms my heart. I watch it with the hopes of someday being in the situation that I am maybe walking down the street and witnessed something like this with a group of strangers, and we all jumped in, in a similar manner.

“Pois paz sem voz, paz sem voz “
Não é paz, é medo!
(Medo! Medo! Medo! Medo!)”

“Peace without voice isn’t peace, It’s fear”
(fear! Fear! Fear! Fear!)


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Dead Rappers International!


So I got inspired to do this post because of the information that I have come across during my studies of the Brazilian Portuguese language.  Diving into the Brazilian musical underworld of hip hop and Carioca and ostenção funk, I notice there had been several murders of Brazilian hip hop and funk artists in the last couple of years. I figured that this could be a dangerous place to be a hip hop musician, but then I had to think at the a murdered rappers right here in the States.  After that, I even thought about the murders of artists when I was living in Panama.  It seemed as if there was a recurring theme, that In many of these cases the murdered is never caught, and there are often more than one story of what actually happened.


In Brazil,The murder of the well respected Sabotage was a devastating blow to the Brazilian hip hop scene.  I started on my Brazilian hip hop journey listening to artists like Racionais MCs MV Bill and Dexter of 509-e.  these are all top notch artists with great material and longevity.  However as I continued to dive into the scene I first learned about Sabotage.  It was definitely his look that caught my attention! It was some what of a Coolio type of thing happening, but once I heard his style I was hooked by the raspy voice and fast rap flow.  I still have to admit that through using so much slang I can hardly understand him, but after using the urban hip hop dictionary and analyzing the lyrics I started to understand him.  He talked a lot about his neighborhood.  A Zona Sul (the south zone) and the name of his neighborhood was Brooklyn-Brooklyn Sao Paulo a place that he seemed to represent in every song.  The difference between the death of Sabotage and other  artists in the states and internationally is that his murderer was actually caught and give fourteen years for the crime. It is said to have been a revenge killing that involved drugs, but the wife of Sabotage is in disbelief because he gave up his street life several years ago. 


He is a good guy, He is not involved in the streets!  the same thing said about Brazilian Funk Artist MC Daleste.  His death was so bizarre because he was shot in the stomach on stage at a concert of about four thousand people, and somehow the killer was able to escape.  The concert footage was put on youtube,and now you can just type in rapper gets killed on stage and watch the last performance from Daleste.  It is so erie! everytime I watch it  I expect the outcome to change, but it never does.  Click the link below to watch, although I must warn you it is quite disturbing!

Sabotage was killed in 2003, but it seems like a recent surge in the number of Brazilian MCs killed, especially in the sub-genre of funk music.  some of the others are MC Boladao, DJ Felipe Silva Gomes both killed together in 2010.  MC Japones, found hanging was ruled a suicide but there is foul play that same year, along withMC Duda Marape five months later, where military-police issued cartridges were found at the crime scene.  in 2012 military police were accused of killing MC Primo, and several days after the MC Primo murder, was the murder of MC Careca.

It has to be so stressful to think that everytime you hop on stage, you are a potential target for attempted murder, so much so that many artist in Brazil are performing with bulletproofs.  Some of the reasons that people give for the death of some of these MCs, particlarly the funk rappers are that the lyrics were very anti-police and even talked about killing cops.  It is believed the there is a group of x police vigilantes that are killing artists in Brazil. Also with the case of Daleste and Sabotage, here are poor people from Sao Paulo that have made their way in the entertainment business. While some of the people in their circumference are still living that life of extreme poverty. To a point that before his death Daleste was netting about $90,000 a month doing shows!!  Can you imagine the level of envy that a rise like that an cause.  It could be ex-police, or it could be jealous old acquaintances from the neighborhood.  At any rate its safe to say that being a rapper in Brazil, can be very dangerous at times.

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